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Society & Virtues.

Societies are for profit. That is, for political profit, religious profit, financial profit, idealistic or romantic profit, and so on and so forth. Political profit is about power and wealth. Religious profit is about keeping man confused and subservient. Financial profit is about exploiting, allocating, as well as manipulating mankind’s resources. Idealistic or romantic profit is about influencing ideas and the biological proliferation of the masses. Knowing this, you judge as you please.

There is no right or wrong here. These are just the businesses of society that most people ignore, especially when it comes to religion, as nobody sees it as just another business transaction. And none of these promotes actual virtues in the human creature, as the religious person has no problem whatsoever supporting wars, and supporting the killing of animals through eating them, and supporting other immoral stupidities. And what about romantics??

They love to talk poetically and seek that dream of the perfect person for them, but they also love obsession and hate and becoming aggressive; and all in the name of love. Religion says, “Give me your obedience and your emptiness. I’ll give you heaven and an identity with the rest of my followers.” Politics says, “Give me your vote and faith. I’ll give you honest leadership and hope to look forward to a better future.”

Can you see the business transaction here…?? Don’t overthink it, but just realize the fact. Romance says, “Give me your sincerity of heart and full attention. I’ll give you the cure for your loneliness and the fulfillment of your dreams (self-satisfaction).” Finance says, “Everything is me. Seek me as the greatest commodity. I’ll give you freedom and self-worth.”

Of course, these are just promising illusions, or the promise of fulfillment as something that can give you access to inner values. So, what happens?? People seek all these wi…

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Kindness Given.


A woman did help a desperate friend to cope with life and mental anxiety right after a sudden divorce, after her friend was left by her husband and two grown up kids.

She was also helped with a new job and moral support.  The woman helping her friend was a very nice and kind person, morally upright, and saw herself as doing kindness in helping her friend without expecting anything in return.

But at the same she carried a little resentment after she had helped her friend for almost a year, because as nice as she was she had subconsciously been expecting a thank you and a heartfelt speech of gratitude from her friend who was now traveling to live with her mother and doing much better.  



Now, this can be misunderstood by people when you are not truly awakened and aware of your ego.  Expecting a thanks or some kind of recognition or gratitude is actually doing business, and doing business is a trade for your own benefit, your own profit–i.e., I help you, you give me psychological and emotional rewards by giving me gratitude and by owing me one if I ever need your help.

This business, which you might carry out unconsciously, is not doing something out of your kindness, no matter what society says or teaches about this.  If you do help somebody, you do it ENTIRELY out of your heart and without ANY expectation of benefit whatsoever.

If you expect something, even small, in return for your kindness, isn’t that turning into business…??  So, when you do something, you do it right because you feel morally guided to do right, and not because you seek some emotional benefit for the building of your ego.

Study yourself in this.  Do not allow yourself to be unconscious when it comes to giving; for love only gives, expands outwardly, it does not make business or trades–only the ego trades and expects some sort of reward for kindness given.




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