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Precious time

Choose your people

So many of us spend time with people who do not support us, or who do not inspire us, or who only bring us self-doubt and negativity. But I have learned that it is vital to give your time only to people who help you become better at some level, not people who waste your time with stupidity or people who do not fit the life you want to lead for yourself.

Your time is precious

Now, I understand that sometimes we have to visit family, friends, or be in situations which are not ideal or inspirational. This happens to any of us. But I also understand that my time is precious, so I will use it mostly for what benefits me, for that which makes me feel loved and happy.

So, having in mind this, I will be direct with others. I will tell them exactly how I feel, and what I need. If they do not understand me or support me still, I will just walk away. I won’t leave them entirely, but I will spend less time with them. So, that’s my suggestion to you, and it is to learn to manage your time better, and to truly understand that your time on this earth is precious.


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A Happy Life Now.




So, what is life…??  Think about it carefully.  Is life what you desire, what you think and feel, what you project in your mind??  Or is life your behaviors, your choices starting from the Now moment??

See, people believe that they understand what life truly is, so they seek success, money, popularity, they get attached to what they desire and project in their minds.  Some others cling themselves to their past experiences, fearing thus repeating them.

Both of these groups of unconscious people live in illusion, such is the illusion of their irrational minds, pursuing happiness, love, seeking success in the future and getting attached to their past experiences.

But life requires your attention now, because it exist in the Now; therefore, not in your mind, and, evidently, not in your expectations of what you want to happen.  Whatever you are experiencing in your life now, start from here, make the best decisions, pay attention and fall in love with your life as it is now.

The pursuit of happiness is an invention of the unconscious masses.  There is nothing to pursue or chase!  Happiness is in putting all positive energy and attention now.  You enjoy it now.  If you cannot experience happiness in your life now, you will not experience it later either.




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