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Filters of your mind.

Are you stuck and you feel trapped and frustrated…??  It is all an illusion of your anxious ego; for you might have pressures, but you always have room to breathe and choices to make.  It is your ability to see that, what you must have in your mind.

Indecision, overthinking, attachment to your expectations and old habits is the origin of your troubles, isn’t it…??  The prison is your own mind.  Life is just evolving naturally.  Situations and moments are not to be the leaders of how you think, feel and behave.

The situations and moments you live are there for a reason, but they are not there to either lead you to joy or to misery.  You must lead yourself by self-discipline and training your own mind to experience what you desire to experience.

Experiences exist only within you, for what you think is outside you is just really a mirage, a reflection, the way in which physical reality manifests to your senses; but this must not trick you, deceive you, because all you ever experience lives in you and nothing can change that.

Each one of us sees life differently, feels it differently, and chooses differently, just because of that:  Because life, as beauty, is in the inner eye of the beholder, which is within you creating itself by the filters of your mind.  Filters (voices, images, ego, etc) that you must arrange according to your own desires.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Perfect Dictatorship.

Always remember that the slavery of the ego, the slavery of your own desires, fanaticism, obsessions, likes and passions, is not a slavery of immediate affliction where you can experience how selfish and vain you are being; but the slavery of your ego is one with the appearance of righteousness, without walls, warm, cozy, so you do not feel a slave and you never try to escape from your pleasures.

A system your ego creates for you, where you feel free and saintly and in harmony, so you believe that following your own pleasures and desires is always the right thing; and this at the same time makes you feel already in paradise, like you do not need to change, like you are a master of yourself.

And this ignorant world your ego creates is the world in which you live and in which you created truth, love, and God out of your own opinions and likes; therefore, in this system whatever brings you comfort–like eating whatever you please, doing whatever you want to your body and mind, watching whatever you want, listening to whatever you want, etc.–is God and truth and freedom for you.

So this is the perfect dictatorship where you have learned to love slavery, where you have become a slave without knowledge of it, and where all your desires no matter that they are believed, erroneously, by the asleep you, to lead you to love and happiness.  And whatever unsettles this, whatever disturbs this illusion you have built for yourself, is mocked, ignored, and rejected by you.

But to be free, to be in love, to be happy, truly, lies outside of this; hence, mastering yourself is stepping outside of your own ego and doing the things that are good for your ascension and evolution–i.e., eating right and staying away from toxins, doing exercise, watching inspiring things, engaging in conversation which builds higher morals, reading factual things which can improve you, controlling your anger and your stress, etc. etc.
The macho-man, the saintly and innocent girl, the violent revolutionary, the lazy, the intellectual, etc.–all these and  more are the faces your ego builds for yourself, and the ones you accept and follow in the perfect dictatorship.  This exists because you are not free, and there is no knowledge of self.


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