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I dance with a friend…

Why do people waste their whole lives thinking about an “end”…??  Why can’t you see that life has no end…??  Why can’t you just let go of your fear and dance along this beautiful piece of art sounding in your human experience…??

Society, your family, your traditions, your beliefs, religions, books, have poisoned you.  Yes, they have cemented in you the firm illusion of an end because your body decays with time; but you still experience your energy– Does it decay as well…??  Does the energy inside the atom die…??  Or just the shell of the atom dies…?? …  But what you fear is not death itself, but it is losing your things, your physical relationships, your possessions, your positions in society–that’s what you fear.  Attachment is like shackles to you, such is a prison which does not let your consciousness elevate; thus, your creativity dies slowly and your fear grows…

Life is all there is, like love is all there is, like beauty is all there is; however, the ego, the lower consciousness in man, divides life with the thought of death, poisons love in man with fear, and makes beauty pleasant or unpleasant through culture, tradition, and personal experience.

But there is no death in reality, just the loss of your ego and its attachments to matter.  Reality, just like sleep is your real state of existence where there are no boundaries and your spirit can soar freely and without impositions from your ego, is the true essence of life… of you.

All life is then, is a glorious dance…  And you must befriend the concept of death to lose all fear…

I dance with a friend...”

Every day I observe his beautiful face,
He whispers my great value and beauty:
He utters divine words with perfect grace,
How I must not fear him in my daily duty.
“Would you dance with me…??” he says.
“Would you be my partner in this dance…??”
Love within me grows as I to him confess,
As we are joined in the eternal romance.

Yes, I dance with a friend and I am in love!
My profound dreams reveal his true heart.
Freedom becomes my human form as glow.
My spirit truly soars as all fear does part.
He tells me that my consciousness was ill,
For the conditioned brain had poisoned me;
He gave me health, conscience, good will,
For now I see life as The One eternal sea.

                                                                                    ~ Asa.



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