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Your own space

My creative space

Currently writing the 1st chapters of my new book, #5 in the series, “Son of Darkness”. (By the way, sorry for the obscurity of the image below. The day I took that photo was a very dull and cloudy day and not much light entered the window of my room.)

This is my small place to be. The nook where I create my joy. My simple desk, where I make things happen and I create my stories. Everybody needs a place where they feel passionate, secure, creative, confident.

A place where you can recharge and wrestle with your thoughts, self-explore and come up with greater insights for your life. I hope you have a place of your own, whatever and wherever that place is.

It’s about getting rid of stress, self-heal, add more deep thinking to come up with new ideas, and strengthening the trust and belief in yourself. Because it’s all about health of body and mind to be able to love yourself and your life entirely.


Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What it takes

Believing in yourself

As a human being doing my best, as an indie author especially, I understand how hard it is to believe in yourself. Sometimes I doubt myself, my art, the way I do things; because life is challenging, and that is exactly the journey. Sometimes one may look at others and feel inferior or intimidated.

Some other times it could be that others around us are not conducive to a positive and supportive atmosphere. But one must look past these, focus on oneself, and tell ourselves to keep going no matter what; because that is what it takes to make it, thus constant self-belief.

A reason to believe

It is the most important thing. Each day. A reason to believe in yourself. Prove to yourself how worthy you are, because love is an action towards yourself. Work on your body’s health. On your mind. Schedule times to work on your craft. Strengthen your capacity for reading. Seek to bring more value to you.

The #1 reason why people fail in self-belief is due to focusing on the achievements of others, on how others are doing. But if you have strong talents, if you focus entirely on your own growth, then there is no time for procrastination and focusing on others. I struggle with this sometimes, but I remind myself of my own strengths to conquer even the struggle. It is my wish that you too remind yourself of this.