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Better brain. Better life.

The brain is your doorway or bridge to physical life. And this doorway or bridge must be kept strong and healthy. If your brain is allowed to age and become weak, then all sorts of illnesses and immoralities will possess your body while your very life becomes meaningless. One can keep feeling young and strong until the last breath; but most people allow their brains to age, so they cannot understand these words.

In order to keep your brain young and strong, obviously, one must adopt excellent habits.

1- No alcohol. No excess fats. Food must be well watched over. You must put in you all the different nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and all that which your body needs to develop with excellence. Scientific knowledge is what will lead you to health.

2- Now, also have in mind the situations in your life, more specifically the way you react to them. Always try to avoid stress and unnecessary frustration. Train yourself to seek inspiration away from dilemmas or worries. When the mind is filled by anxiety, your brain cells in time start dying. This brain cell death affects your entire nervous system and the immune system.

3- As mentioned, anxiety is terrible for the healthy development of the brain. So, you must seek the opposite of anxiety, which is silence, harmony, peace. I am talking about being with yourself, not always hanging out with others. When your brain frequencies are calm, then your brain begins creating new pathways or nervous tissue. This brings more insight, creativity, intelligence. And it also brings youth, beauty, positivity into you, reflected in your physical body, and seen in the way you respond to life itself.

4- Your brain requires nurture, care, attention, just like a relationship with another requires the same. This means to keep it always fresh and clean of toxins. Exercise does this magic. It doesn’t mean that you should spend hours exercising. If you also take care of the food you eat (#1), then just 10 minutes of exercise a day might be just what is needed. Exercise is like oiling your car, adding all the liquids, rotating the tires, doing the usual maintenance. Your body, as your brain, is your car; and exercise is like all the maintenance which keeps your car running smoothly.

To conclude, you can have all the ambitions, desires, pursuits you want; however, true success is not out there but inside you. How you feel, the quality of your life. This is true success, love, happiness. The quality of your life is the quality of your brain.


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The free mind of a human god!

The ultimate wiring.

Our brain has something like 100 billion neurons.  Of course, as we all know or should know to better control our own behaviors and work towards better futures, different experiences create or build different neural connections which evoke in us various emotions, and also shape our conceptualizations of the world around us.  And, therefore, depending on the neuronal stimulation, certain connections between neurons become stronger and others weaker.  This is called neuroplasticity.

The same happens to our musculature. So, when we exercise certain body parts more than others, these ones being exercised become stronger, the other ones weaker, and vice versa.  If we exercise all or most of our muscles, then, we become stronger in all the exercised parts.

The point is, Rationality and Emotional Resilience work the same way; neural connections all of them that can be, through focus and persistence, modified or strengthened, mastered and controlled to do our bidding and not let circumstances, or other people, tell us how to think or behave.  We can control our own actions and our own future exactly, by controlling our responses and our perceptions.

Whatever we are doing at any given time, we are physically shaping or modifying our brains or neuronal connections anyway, so why not shape or modify these neuronal connections to make ourselves stronger, more intelligent, more talented, better in every aspect to create better futures for ourselves??

Norepinephrine, amongst other neurons and neurotransmitters of the brain, triggers a defensive state when we feel or sense that our thoughts or opinions have to be protected from the thoughts or opinions of others.  When this happens, the chemicals released to build this defensive state in our brains are the same chemicals being released when we encounter a life-or-death situation (as in many cases of stabbings or shootouts that have happened due to misunderstandings or different opinions).

Furthermore, in this defensive state, the more primitive part of our brain (our reptilian brain) interferes with our rational thinking process, and so the limbic system can annul most of our working memory, ergo causing narrow-mindedness.  One example is fear and its hold on most people; fear being quite often irrational, because people let negative thoughts and irrationality control them and paralyze them without taking the time and effort to intelligently analyze the situation beforehand themselves.

So, by focusing on our inner life and being aware or mindful of the thoughts, either positive or negative, rising within us, basically and especially before reacting to a situation, we are growing mentally, spiritually, AND ‘PHYSICALLY’–‘physically’ because we now have a different perspective of ourselves in every aspect, we become self-confident and attractive due to our consciousness shift, and others see this as well, and because we become magnets for opportunities we did not have before.

Because life as beautiful as it really is, behind the ego-mind and the stresses we create for ourselves, is in our perceptions which indeed can be strengthened and made better, for beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

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