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Burning fat

Why is hard to lose weight..??

For most people after 30 years old it gets harder to lose weight. Our capacity to more quickly digest foods, eliminate fats and sugars, really dwindles. This happens to most of us, depending on your genetics; however, our body changes from the efficiency it had when we were younger.

Intermittent fasting

It’s what I do. I do not have breakfast. From last night’s meal at 6 pm to the next day at 11 am I fast. That is called ‘Intemittent Fasting.’ This gives my stomach time to clean itself and to also burn more fat. And that is the secret: Allowing your digestive system to work at its own pace. Remember, after 30 years old, your metabolism slows down and everything changes.


Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Losing weight

Trying to lose weight

As we age, our bodies change. It doesn’t matter our genetics, our capacity to burn fat, sugars, and the rest is really affected. Of course, genetics plays a role too, as some people have it easy losing weight and others not so easy. But, truth is, that losing weight can be done, no matter the condition or genetics you have.

Now, there are many people who go to the gym or exercise at home very hard to lose weight; but, after trying hard and sweating a lot, they depress themselves at the sight of failure. Well, that is because they forget, or willingly ignore, the most basic and important part of losing body fat: Food and drink consumption.

Food, drink, and addictions.

The first thing to have in mind when you want to really lose weight is what you consume. Ask yourself what you eat for your meals. Do you drink alcohol?? Do you smoke?? Do you do drugs?? Do you drink plenty of water?? Are you a slave to your sweets?? Now, I am of the mind that losing weight is attached to a truly healthy lifestyle. Not a strict lifestyle, but a lifestyle filled with passion for my true well-being.

But in my experience, what makes you fat are addictions. Any addictions make your mind weak, easily tempted, an easy target for fat gaining and illnesses. And to truly lose weight and maintain your health, you must have a strong mind, which is a mind that carries self-discipline and strength to say no to temptations and addictions.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Knowledge to be healthier.

So, one of the most important topics in life for me is health. The most vital habits in life for me must be centered in a healthy lifestyle. Without health you cannot truly enjoy life. Without health you always fear falling ill. Without health you lack energy, you get upset easily, you fall into temptations easily. I have learned throughout my life that if I don’t feel well, or if my immune system is weak, then my mental capacity is weak as well. And when my mental capacity is weak, then I don’t really feel a desire to enjoy life, to start new ventures, to better my relationships, to find new perspectives and become better in general.

And one of the things, or the most important thing, about health is to create passion. So many people follow strict diets, others exercise like crazy, others force themselves to eat something they hate just because others said it. And what about when doctors or friends tell you to follow keto diet, or some particular routine to follow to lose weight?? It can all be overwhelming. And the fact is that many people quit because of this pressure they bring upon themselves. But the truth is that we are all different, our bodies and minds, our genetics and ways we have been taught since childhood are different. So, in order to make it stick, in order to enjoy a new change in lifestyle, you must feel passion for what you eat and do. So, do your own research. Give your body and mind the nutrients it needs based on healthy foods, but healthy foods you do not hate. Taste is very important, so you can desire to eat healthily and not make it a hard chore.

You must wake up each morning and feel good about yourself. I personally do intermittent fasting, which means I do not eat breakfast; I let my stomach clean itself and rest from the prior meal. This rest gives my body and mind an energy boost, my immune system strengthens because my extra fatty tissue, and what my body doesn’t need to store, is converted to cleaner energy. Then I eat lunch and later dinner. Each day I have many fruits. Fruit helps with digestion, and fruits have the benefits my body needs, specially fiber. I just turned 41 years old, so I know how challenging dieting is; and that is why I do not diet. I eat candy, and breads, and pastas, etc. But the trick is to also eat foods that bring all the nutrients your body needs. Because if you only fill your stomach with food, you are not really giving your body and mind the nutrients they need to use energy from fats properly. So, remind yourself to do research on the internet and find the knowledge you need to become healthier.

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Fasting vs Intermittent Fasting

This is about fasting. About denying your body and mind of the energy it needs just to satisfy your ego and think that you are being saintly by enacting this atrocity. But this is not religious in any way. I don’t have any beliefs. As most important in my life, I take very serious the topics of taking care of my mind and body. So, this blogpost or writing here is about how fasting affects you, your body and mind, and the truth about fasting in general.

And when fasting to lose weight, it is even worse for the immune system. It attracts illnesses. And fasting increases fat retention, because it makes the mind more anxious and hungry; thus tissues weaker and unable to absorb fats in a proper manner. I used to fast for 2 days, 3 days, a week, even more. Fasting is not healthy in any way. The belief, thought, and tradition of fasting come from the old days. In the old days, tradition, religion taught that denying your mind and body of food is a form of righteousness, a way to become connected to the suffering of others. Nonsense, of course.

Fasting is a way, a very selfish way, to pat yourself in the back and create this illusion that you are a good person; but, in reality, it does nothing for the poor or suffering people around the world. Fasting is just another belief, which you might consider as a great belief; however, not a belief that actually helps people. The only fasting that helps is if someone saves the money from those meals they don’t eat while fasting, and then unselfishly give that money to the poor for their meals. But no one does this, so fasting is just another illusion, another deception religion has created and planted in the subconscious of the ignorant masses. I know because I was one of these, and I have awakened myself to the truth.

Increasing intelligence, growing in understanding, keeping myself healthy is the most important thing in life for me.

After years of seeking ways to improve my cognition and understanding, I found intermittent fasting. I do not eat in the morning. I leave the whole morning for my stomach to wash itself from the prior night’s meal. This time also serves for my immune system to increase strength, to become more capable of bringing healing to my body’s tissues. By intermittent fasting, I not only help my body absorb and use fats more properly to become stronger and leaner, but I also increase my brain’s capacity for intelligence by giving my nervous tissues the proper time and energy to store the right nutrients. This type of fasting does not weaken my body, because it is only in the morning that I do not eat, not for days and days as the common, religious fasting. Most importantly, this fasting does not create false beliefs and illusions in me of being saintly.