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Get to know yourself.




What the ego is keeps you from loving your life and people.  The ego is all that which keeps you unhappy, angered, frustrated, violent psychologically and emotionally.  You must see this in you each moment.

You cannot be healed of your suffering, of your traumas, of your confusions, if the ego lies hidden and undiscovered in you.  And many people, good people even, do not actually recognize when they are possessed by their own egos.

And it is why religions are pointless, because God is not found in scriptures or in any other book–ancient or not.  God is your own decency, your own goodness, that vitality and inspiration in you to love and create; and this must be discovered only by you.

To discover all this goodness and strength born out of love in you, you must first recognize the obstacle you have, which is your own ego.  We all have ego, but we all do not recognize it or acknowledge its existence in us.  Get to know yourself each moment then.





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An Eternity of Love.



Courage is the absence of attachment to fear; for fear is a strong vibration which we must transmute in order to use in our advantage.  Attachment to fear then is what brings any frustration, anxiety, and lack of peace in the mind; therefore, attachment must go.

Due to a life without attachments arises real love, the essence of it all, the profound connection to intelligence, harmony, and true relationship.  True relationship then, being the heart of existing as a human creature, must be true love, which is life without attachments; for any attachment brings fear, and if there exists any fear then love is not.

Love then brings everything good and moral, like courage, integrity, emotional openness, freedom to be, and all harmony in the mind and life of the person.  Now, one must see the difference between love and pleasure, because the mundane world does not know the difference and so infects everyone with this terrible ignorance:

Love brings no fear and anxiety whatsoever to the mind, and in fact if you are experiencing any sort of fear in your life right now then there is lack of love.  And love is not an emotional roller coaster either, so analyze how you feel each moment to know where you stand in life.

Pleasures bring you pleasant experiences as well, but opposite to love they bring you also anxiety, stress, obsessions; for pleasure is limited to your human activities in time–human activities are designed by the ego, whether balanced ego or not it is never perfect.

But one certainly has to watch out for this, because most people today, in total ignorance, expect pleasures to be love; however, love is not limited to an activity of the ego or the mind–and, not being limited, love is perfect, but pleasures are not.




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