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It is your own mind.

Embrace the silence within yourself and stop looking for ways to fill…

Whatever your mind tells you will drive your actions, and with your actions or behaviors you will either create your life or destroy your life.  This process, obviously, dictates the pleasant or unpleasant journey you have, and it shapes the interactions with those surrounding you; thus, this will create in you either self-love or a large and powerful ego which will rule you.  And the difference is in what you feed your own mind.

Your mind is like a baby absorbing everything he experiences, and if you neglect or give the wrong education to this baby, then he will grow up to be unhappy and unsuccessful in his own life; he will adopt rebellious and even criminal thoughts, and even end up self-destructing and leading others to a dark abyss of the same unhappiness.

In order to give attention and love to that baby, you must spend time with that growing baby, acknowledge the potential for greatness in that baby, feel yourself proud of the education you give that baby.  The mind grows stronger and wiser if you spend quality time with it, not just reacting to your environment and outside situations but being there, studying your thoughts, analyzing yourself and your emotions towards whatever happens.

Embrace the silence within yourself and stop looking for ways to fill that silence.  Watch the inner reactions, self-talks, behaviors you have with yourself, and also watch the interaction with others; and in this manner you will rule and design your life with much love and prosperity.  And isn’t that the whole point of life…??



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

2 replies on “It is your own mind.”

Yes. Yet the human intellect is limited, which contains the ego for good or bad; so, in order to transcend this ego and know the purity of godly love and the manifestation of cosmic divinity within the human creature, one must go beyond the ego and its opinions, beliefs, and self-imposed limitations.


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