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Three to Divine Love.

Only following these one can embrace and become full love, build a full soul and raise…

Love has been distorted by society, by each person’s ego; it has been made an opinion, a belief, a thing which exists only if the ego is in a good mood–so we have romance, friendship, family, nationalistic, and various sorts of so-called “love.”  But this love of the masses is not eternal but created by man.  Under the heavy and dirty layers of these you find the spiritual love or divinity of God, that which man and woman claim to know but which still is not shown in their actions.  Look at the world.  Look at your society.  Look at your own life.  In 99% of cases, the ego tells people what love is, and people end up suffering for it, and the world ends up suffering for it.

So what is divine love…??  In order to understand divine love, the love of God, one must understand what a soul is.  The spirit is something we all have, it is the substance of energy sustaining our bodies.  But the soul YOU must build, because to have a full soul is tied to morality and ethics; however, we are born only with a soul-seed in order to develop ourselves and grow that seed.  As one grows one must learn to live by higher principles, embodying higher truth and morals in all aspects; most people, as nice as they sound, do not do this, thus their soul is not whole.

Divine love comes to your conscious experience as a delight, always constant and full of wisdom and understanding:

1) (Filial Love) you must accept yourself in all terms, accept your emptiness and work on it, stop seeking pleasures to fill that void.

2) (Agapic Love) you must seek the growth of your true self and stop filling your ego with beliefs, imaginations, pleasures, and knowledge to feel superior over others, and so you have to meditate, pray, be humble and truthful in all you do in order to lessen the hold of your ego.

3) (Erotic or Creative Love) you must transmute your wild impulses and wild desires in order to attend on higher and more creative endeavors of the mind, focus on developing talents and on other things which can help you ascend and get in touch with your true self; because narrow is the gate and the animal cannot walk it, only the human being with a full soul can.

Only following these one can embrace and become full love, build a full soul and raise oneself above the pettiness of a trapped, egoistical, absurd, opportunistic mind.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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