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Destroy Your Illusions.




As the mind interprets, philosophizes, labels and names, the actual KNOWING, the neutral and unbiased understanding of the essence of a thing, of a person, of all essential information, is lost.

When you see the beautiful sky, for example, and you mentally start judging its appearance, then you are focusing on the labeling and interpretation; thus, your mind is no longer free to KNOW the sky and to understand it. The words in your mind distort reality.

Another example, when you are stressed and anxious about a situation or issue in your life, your mind is clouded and busy trying to form ideas and desperately seek solution; thus, your mind is intellectualizing everything you experience, you become fearful, and so you cannot see the reality of it all but you get taken captive by your own thinking.

And when you see your loved one and you are angered and frustrated with the person for something which happened, what do you see?? Do you see that person as a monster which made you suffer?? Are you seeing clearly?? Are you judging that person based on this past you think about, or based on the present??

The mind can actually be stable and observe reality, see things and people and situations clearly; however, the content of it, the ego of it, is what will influence that “reality” you are seeing.

So, you must make sure you correct your own distortions–i.e., destroy your illusions to see and understand clearly, and so reach what they call “Enlightenment” or “Illumination.”





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