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Beyond loss

So, tell me, who is your best friend…??

Don’t cry for your dead. Don’t cry for your loss. Don’t cry for what was. Attachment to feelings of great loss are just insecurities brewing in the mind. These insecurities are baseless and originating from the fear of change–contempt for the new, addiction to the old.

Grief is nature’s answer from love. But holding on to this grief is the selfish answer from attachment. Constantly drowning in your sorrow is the choice that paralyzes you, and whoever drowns himself is doing it because he enjoys being paralyzed.

And who said that death, loss, hurt, is the end?? It is but a distorted idea, a crude concept, a piteous mirage of the unaware mind. It is designed by groups, by families who mourn, by a broken society of noise, by people without introspection.

Loneliness is poor quality of existence. Loneliness is when the mind falls in a state of fascination with the noise of the crowd. Loneliness is the disease born from the lack of friendship with yourself.

So, tell me, who is your best friend…??