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To realize the depth of something is to seek beyond the mind, into that space between thoughts and of a certain intuition; for mind is full of words and its loud and constant noise is deafening to the deeper substance of intelligence, of reason.  The agitated mind tells you to keep arguing so you win, it tells you to seek revenge, it reminds you over and over again of your suffering, it makes you jealous and angry at others, etc.  The mind then is a battlefield, and you most of the time stay in that battlefield without rest, don’t you…??

Then, to rest from the battle of the mind, one must seek shelter beyond mind, and so seek whatever is not of mind, seek the opposite of words and constant loudness–i.e., seek not the agitation of the mind.  This means alone time, away from outer distractions and inner ones as well, rest from the world; feel your own vibrations, balance your inner state by seeking peace and quiet in your outer state or environment.  This is key!  God hides in silence, in harmony, in love, in meditation; therefore, He does not live in noise of any kind, He does not live in the world of form, so you must seek Him not in the world of form.

It is a challenging path, roughened and confusing grounds to be walked; but if you remain in love with The Razor’s Edge, in love with your conscience and with your value as a human being, then you may see past the challenges and observe the beauty and truth in each moment you live–whether be joyous or difficult moment.  The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus I say to you the path to ‘enlightenment,’ to your conscious illumination, is indeed a constant test–i.e., a mixture of pain and joy, loss and gain, tears and laughter.  But the true warrior is the one who befriends struggle and becomes one with it.



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