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Eternal life between your hands.

A newborn is the labor of consciousness into matter, and for nine months the mother allows this merging of this pain and joy state; as physical life is dual, into being there has to exist pain and joy for otherwise there can exist no physical creation.  The human being is born and the experience overwhelms his whole, and because they are both One the mother feels this throughout her emotional body, she neither can avoid it nor escape it, they are united, same flesh, same blood, same consciousness…  When in the womb the bond is strongest, but after the child is born the bond continues to pull in the awareness of the mother her whole life…


Eternal life between your hands.

Mother, eternal life between your hands,
As smooth as the warmest desert sands.

O, I cry because this body was torn from thy womb!
As you called me into a new life of sense existence.
Your food, your breath, your energy I used to bloom,
Now a vessel of pain owns me per thine insistence.
But am I the same as I feel my tittle feet being blessed
In the warm embrace of thy purest love to my form…??
I had known absolute freedom, traveled unstressed;
I have now met the anguished creature as “I” was born.

Mother, eternal life between your hands,
As smooth as the warmest desert sands.

My physical birth was overwhelming, now I receive light,
I wonder where I am as you hold me dressed in tears;
I have been allowed passage into sorrow and delight,
I open my eyes, see your beauty, hear many cheers.
Thy sweetest voice caresses me and helps me cope,
Thy motherly energy welcomes my innocent, new being.
Am I to be your loving priority, your very lifelong hope…??
You and I share a sacred bond, the very deepest meaning.



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