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Hidden miracles.

This is about the cessation of suffering. And about how the mind distorts our lives. My personal experiences.

Life might shake us, but there is always a reason. Sometimes life tries to tell you something important, but your mind is too busy. Silence your anxious mind and listen. Learn. Grow.

I remember when my father had just died. The confusion, the anger, the fear and intimidation of facing the world without my father. I was alone with my little brothers and my mother. Barely making enough money to survive. Living in Texas, and in a place very different from where I’d been born and had spent my childhood years. But, after years and years of self-hatred and self-pity, I started to see a light in me. I was so exhausted of failing and torturing myself that I was pushed to observe my own suffering. I had never wanted this life, but I had to deal with it anyway.

Nothing that I did worked and, even worse, I didn’t understand why. I was going to church back then. I was praying. I was taking care of my family. I was a good and decent human being. I was lost. But this light I saw in me was growing. And, not too soon, I learned that quite often our minds are so overwhelmed with our own problems that we miss life. The wholeness of life. And the wholeness of life is where the miracles hide. The miracles are not in religion, or in family, or in the nation, or in the money we make; but they are in the observation.

The observation is the attention we put into life’s moments. But this observing action must be done firstly by silencing the mind. You know, by not being so attached to thoughts of misery and anger, and envy and frustration. Plainly put, by not overthinking and filling the mind with anxiety. Our minds dictate how we feel about life. Life then is filtered through our minds. Life will be whatever the content of your mind is. So, let go of the stress, and of the frustration, and of wanting to control and possess. Flow with life. Do your best, and then let it go. Let it be. Listen to life, but for that keep a mind that is silent and not arrogant. Arrogance and thinking that you must always win and have your way. This is what brings suffering, and failure, and tears into your experience.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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