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O, Lovely Victoria…

But, be wise, seek not love, not a woman, nor a man; but be love, rise in…

There is no more bliss in a human being’s experience that finding that Source of greater truth and love.  That is the Source of very life, to be One with it, to shut the ego and its great delusions of fake love, namely attachment–desperation and desire which blinds.  But, be wise, seek not love, not a woman, nor a man; but be love, rise in love within you, and then you shall become a true magnet, your energy shall be so powerful now that you attract without any intention of finding…

O, Lovely Victoria…

Lovely lady, I had found myself lost without devotion,
Without higher purpose, without the slightest notion…

O, Lovely Victoria, a thousand deaths I speak!
A thousand deaths I would experience for thee.
Let me not to the marriage of our divine souls
Be detached and lost, but deeply sincere be.
Love is not love if attraction be only of flesh,
If marriage is only of that which ages us still;
For love, the truest love, is beyond the thresh
Of argument and jealousy lovers do oft’ feel.
The star guides us to a heavenly symphony,
And caresses our higher conscious affection,
And reminds us of our plays in glorious infancy
When our love was just a dormant perfection.

O, Lovely Victoria, as I contemplate thine eyes
I find myself wand’ring the mysteries of the most
Beautiful and radiant Suns which do not blind,
As my energy meets thy Source ever so close.
Have this wretch of a man now lie in divine grace
Of your presence which possesses the bridge
Between matter and consciousness as embrace,
As this soul of mine rises in love without ridge.
Now I see that the youthful hue of your cheeks
Embodies the deepest and most honest emotion,
It shows this poor man divinity’s highest peaks;
For I was lost, but now your love is my devotion.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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