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An apology based on True Love.

Trust the truth, which is changed behavior; because changed behavior is an actual display of love. And isn’t true love an action and not merely a word…?? …

Thoughts, words, intentions, sincere or not, might be important to you, as a reason for hope, as senders of trust, as a message for or from someone you love felt in the moment; however, as I have said it before, all these are conditioned to the past because as soon as you pronounce them or feel them they are gone, up and down just like a roller coaster, and also they are attached to time, to your current moods, feelings.   They are not actual experiences, they can mean something today and tomorrow something different, and the day after that they can be gone, forgotten.

All that is of time and space–i.e., thoughts, words, intentions, ideas, etc.–is not real, such not real in the sense that these are tied to moods of change, to views and opinions. The only thing that is real, eternal in the moment when is actually done, is action, behavior. Just like love, changed behavior, action, creates something real, brings evolution, brings the truth out. Always look for and create yourself change in order to love yourself and another; because the rest is truly meaningless.

The experience, the action based on love, as an apology, is the real thing; therefore; change is now, change is not of time, change is not tied to a word, a desire, a mere intention, change is eternal.

There is always change, moving forward onto better things, as life itself is change, as you bring love into the world by change, as you make others feel loved by your change; for this change says “I love you so much, I care so much, that I change and better myself for all of us; for I truly love myself.”


Change based on love then is what really builds and communicates a deeper connection–in friendship, in family, in marriages, in all relationships.  But to change a behavior you must focus with steely determination and rest upon great motivation, become aware of your situation, feel in your heart the need and the want to change for your good and for the good of others.  And the secret of change is not to do it solely for others, because if you do then at some point in time you will change back, you will allow your ego to pull you back into what you were before; because this change is superficial and based on fear and not love–fear because you are changing to please others, maybe because you want their love, their attention, popularity, etc.  But true change is based on love, self-love; you do it for yourself, because you want to change, because you love yourself and you want to become better for yourself; furthermore, when you do this for yourself is true love because you do not get tired of working to better yourself, it makes you happy, and so it makes others happy.

That is why, in all honesty, if you want to trust, know, love and relate yourself with people, perhaps begin or strengthen a relationship also, always look at their actions, their behavior, as you change your behaviors as well; thus, never fully rely and love a word, a message, however loving and sincere.  Trust the truth, which is changed behavior; because changed behavior is an actual display of love. 
And isn’t true love an action and not merely a word…??

“Apologies are great, but they don’t really change anything. You know what does?: Action.” ~ Stella Young; Australian comedian, journalist and disability rights activist.



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