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Through our hands…

The winter was here and I immersed in pain, Air terribly cold and full of memories the rain. As I saw the cattle in tender embrace, The birds in love under God’s grace…

“Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’.”  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.


The Ego Dissolves

The red roses had nearly died,
The passionate youth had begun its cry,
As my heart rose with a poor beat,
As my ego had increased its bleat;
The winter was here and I immersed in pain,
Air terribly cold and full of memories the rain.
As I saw the cattle in tender embrace,
The birds in love under God’s grace,
The sky giving birth to the lovely cloud,
The currents whispering sweet care loud,
While I walked the lonely road
And depression within me flowed,
Felt I the sins of my mind,
Illusions of separation which led me blind.
You and I had grown apart,
We had neglected the pure heart,
Our pride and foolishness had won,
Ego as powerful as the loaded gun;
Our first meeting had begun red as the flower,
Then our eye deviated from the flame of all power.
Surely the one I was which buried the soul,
The one which took from us the goal;
You were the firm and steady rock,
Of this tender strength I admit I was the block.
But later my heart contemplated the truth,
Yes, Of the heart the passionate youth.
A wise lesson hidden under the painful story,
Your voice came to my mind and this was glory,
God throughout my form, the energy was intense;
The wisdom of love and the growth of character hence.
With the free flow of love The Ego Dissolves,
With the full expression of the spirit the mind evolves.

S_eparation is seen as the greatest illusion when true love exists in your life. Only the moment the ego dissolves true love appears._


“He who treats his woman like a princess is a living proof that the woman who raised him is a Queen.”  ~ Unknown.


Through our hands…
From many a travel beyond the stars,
From two passionate soul memoirs,
The energy which sizzles connection,
Profound love through our affection.

Through our hands we feel the stars so bright,
Into the cosmos the link when they hold tight;
The purest sensation of warmth and care,
The love incandescent which the souls bear.

The mysteries of Creation so vast
Meet not in the future or the past;
The present holds the secrets of All,
As our love dances in the Celestial Hall.

Through our hands the sleeper wakes into reality,
Into the horizon we gaze the heavenly totality;
The magic now overtakes us in sacred communion,
Love expands within us to make the purest union.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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