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Anger (Part 1)

There is strength and divinity in controlling one’s thoughts and emotions, specially of anger. Be patient and wise.

“Stop trying to leave, and you will arrive.  Stop seeking, and you will find.  Stop running away, and you will be found.”  ~ Lao Tzu.

“The best fighter is never angry.”  ~ Lao Tzu.


Anger (Part 1)

Anger seems to poison most people in the world, not just violent outbursts of anger but, even worse, intense mental anger which spreads throughout the whole body and boils the blood and corrupts the nervous and immune systems (as well as the other systems of the body).  This anger always provokes frustration and sadness or depression afterwards, it weakens us and it makes us darken our own energy, the aura around the heart gets depleted and we may suffer serious mental and health problems; however, this sometimes does not occur in our bodies right away, but it hides like cancer, and as we grow we get high blood pressure and we develop certain anomalies, and we might even get serious diseases like cancer.

You must understand that our human body works based on the energy which runs though it all day and night, and we cannot develop bliss or happiness if that energy is polluted and dark; that is, no matter what you do and how good of a person you are, if that energy running through you is poisoned and darkened by anger then you will live stressed and frustrated, and be a host for all kinds of diseases.  And people who live stressed and frustrated, with diseases infesting their body, cannot embrace happiness, never, no matter who they are or what they do.

Control in those moments when you feel anger rising in you is key, whenever you feel that heat rushing through you, then you must stop yourself when that happens, don’t follow your thoughts of anger either, they will be the first to poison your body as they create all your emotions.
Most of the time anger happens because we have an image in our minds of ourselves or of what we do, or of what we believe, and someone else might attack that image we have built in our egos; also it happens because we resist change and do not let life or even other people around us disturb our comfortable egos.
There is a sick pleasure in this ignorance.  This is indeed self-destruction.  Evil done unto ourselves.

Anger can truly ruin your life without you even knowing it.  Anger works smoothly most of the time, because everything the ego does is smooth and subconscious at first, we are not fully aware of our reactions and of the ignorant processes of our thinking.
There is strength and divinity in controlling one’s thoughts and emotions, specially of anger.

Be patient and wise.

Think about yourself and not about revenge words or thoughts or actions.  Remember, by revenge thoughts, words or actions you are really distancing yourself from love and all beauty, you are poisoning your heart and mind.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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