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Colors in the wind…

The darkness came and I saw another light, Far into the distance I saw you, Then you floated to me, an angel so bright…

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  ~ Lao Tzu; ancient sage, philosopher, and historian.

 Colors in the wind

There is great wisdom in the wind,
Blowing here and there in spring;
Images and messages come to my mind,
Beyond words and voices, more than those two combined.
I remember the past people of mock and laughter,
They said there would not be love for me trial after.
But now I see colors as miracles which communicate
Peace and freedom, the warmth in the healthy fate.
Even the leaf on the tree blesses me,
The flower and the grass, the butterfly and the bee.
My step is of noble and forward move,
My heart is my guide following the groove.
Of the colors I sense in the wind which fill all,
The groove is your energy which does not let me fall.
I cannot see your form but I delight in your love essence
Which shines and warms my very presence,
And that is all I truly need to feel bliss,
My eyes are not blind to love such as this.



The Conscious Ether (Between death and the next life)

Was I ever born…?? Was I ever dead…??
The faces always seemed so mysterious,
So unnatural to me, memories like poison spread.
I was lost and then found,
I was me and then you, I was confused;
My world was upside-down, the color, the sound.

The fear was gone, the bliss had disappeared,
But the colors, they remained enhanced,
The sound was beautiful, the vision had cleared.
My body was and wasn’t, but there was an essence…
Yes, an essence of peace and freedom I felt clearly,
A warm embrace, a conscious ether, a known presence.

Then it came to me, my forgotten past perhaps,
Or my forgotten Now. Who knows?
It called on my existence, energy links, summons, taps…
It was my aura the one spreading into all vision,
And then I visited other lands but never traveled,
For I was expanded in my conscious condition.

The darkness came and I saw another light,
Far into the distance I saw you,
Then you floated to me, an angel so bright;
The moment grew into sensations I couldn’t comprehend,
We were two but then one, I was confused again,
More than an angel, a goddess, a godsend…

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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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