Self-help life truths.

The smoking gun.

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.; American motivational author.


There seems to be a distortion in the rationale of most human beings, one which is clouded and poisoned by our own subconscious habits, and it is the fact that criticism takes over and lashes out onto others.  There is not enough looking into oneself and fixing one’s own issues, which is self-love and so the mind occupies itself on something actually worth to our human condition, but instead the lazy and easy path is taken to tear down others and build this false sense of superiority in oneself.  This is the very opposition of wisdom. 


How many times you have looked at the news and criticized the way society does something or the way people behave?  How many times you have criticized your family and friends?  Why do you allow the actions of others to annoy you enough to grab your own attention so you say something to criticize or belittle them?

Human beings have this process the ego has created and which is being allowed to rule their interactions, it has become part of their habits even, where if there is something wrong with the world (whatever it might be) is time to criticize, like some automatic button pushed right when something they don’t like happens.

And most of us do this because the better and wiser habit of looking into ourselves and into our own behaviors is not there, it hasn’t been built into us, because the ego is lazy and it takes honesty and courage with ourselves to have this self-love and inner contemplation, something we haven’t worked on.
For the ego it is easier to criticize others–i.e., our families, friends, coworkers, even people we do not know–and it gives us a false sense of superiority and responsibility disguised as love and constructive criticism.

But this process is the illusion we built out of ignorance and pride, it does not elevate our human spirit but it shrinks it. Conscious elevation can only happen if we are actually conscious and have developed authentic self-love, for once we have developed this we can pour this true love onto others and truly help; but, until then, whatever we do by criticizing and however we disguise it, is an illusion which harms our very awakening.


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