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The eternal flame.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” ~ Oprah Winfrey; American media proprietor, talk show host, producer, actress, and philanthropist.


The are people who understand deeply that life is the richest and most precious substance of experience itself, and they know thus that they themselves make their bliss or misery.  There are people who do not actually understand this, and so lose themselves living life as the masses do, and while this they deceive themselves believing this is it, this is all there is for them, then death comes and that’s that.  This last people confuse passion for desire, and this is why they never find that strength and inner motivation to achieve all their dreams ans goals, that passion beyond mere desire which never satiates and never stops.

Passion: Your Own Genie


In order to become more, in order to fulfill you higher purpose in life–being thus spiritual, mental, and financial aspects; because the reality is that we are here in this physical form to reach all our innermost and most noble desires as human beings–there must be fire in you, such is the fire which goes beyond any desire.

Now, it is essential to understand this: Desire is a thought which becomes an emotion, but it is fleeting, it does not last, you might get distracted or bored.  But passion (true passion, not just desire mistaken from passion, like sex) is born purely in the heart, from our subconscious mind where our personalities, dreams, memories, and profound experiences are stored.

And, of course, an active thought desires something first, and if it is a strong and lasting desire we feel the passion; however, the passion is the energy which created that thought in the first place, the one wondrous energy which will drive us to stay in the path, for decades if we have to, to reach our destiny or to fulfill our goals.

Passion is raw energy that we develop through perseverance and patience. Perseverance and patience is key then, real wisdom in a noble and heartfelt purpose. And when you develop this, you not only better yourself, but others as well. Remember that passion is energy, pure energy we emanate out into the environment through our thoughts, intentions, and actions.  And this reaches the whole world.




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