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The golden steps.

“Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success.”  ~ Shawn Achor; American happiness researcher, author, and motivational speaker.


Humanity tends to fall into the trap of society and so follow the mediocrity they so proudly parade everywhere, and then this same humanity complains about this and that and the lack of happiness.  The road to mediocrity is easy, but it is not what we are here for.  Unless one really cares about happiness, one is not going to get even near being happy in life; because there are steps to happiness, and once you introduce them to yourself and these same steps become a part of you, then you enjoy them and love the change.  And so that is when happiness or bliss starts to become you and fill your whole being, and thus you start waking up each morning eager to commence your day and face the challenges of it.

When healthy habits are introduced in the individual, they become part of us and the steps to reach our goals and dreams. But these steps must be enjoyed all the way, otherwise there won’t be any real commitment to this healthy habits and we will weaken on the steps. It is like drinking water with salt to satiate your thirst, you will drink but it will give you more thirst and the frustration that comes along with the nagging feeling.

Our habits shape us, what we do every single day is what we create; so, if you watch TV and complain about the world all day you will develop a lazy and obnoxious behavior, if you read inspiration and work diligently then you will develop passion for success and a determination to not give up in the face of challenges.

Life is not that complicated, we tend to make it complicated because we resist to change and to challenges; and when we do this, stress and fears enter our mind, doubt and procrastination become us, we cower and shrink before the steps to the extraordinary achievements that we could otherwise accomplish.

Then in order to be our very best, motivate ourselves and even motivate the people we come in contact with, there must be harmony, consistency, and vision in what we do. This means that whenever you start your day, you must envision your goals (your goals for the day and for years from now). For example: You want to start your own business, then imagine your life and the steps to take towards that goal; therefore, start waking up early and making plans (this should be your routine and should become your day to the day habit, start saving money for whatever expenses your business will need (even $10 dollars a month or the minimum in your national currency; this will tell your mind that you are determinate to succeed and it will strengthen your habit to be a self-confident individual), etc.

Little things like this, which sometimes do not seem important because we only see the big goal, will construct your vision into reality through time, through patience and perseverance.

Remember, the focus one gives daily to small habits or details builds empires and great success through perseverance.


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