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Like the wolf.

A wolf–alone, individual, constant, patient, following his own.
So, losing and winning is based on competition, right…??  Losing and winning are concepts born out of comparison.  You watch others, you covet what others have, you desire to be like them and enjoy like them, you formed attachment and addiction to these ideas and views; so you compare and destroy your uniqueness, because in your mind competition broods as the only reality, the only way to better yourself and your life, and because your mind is infected now by this outer influence.  And, of course, this brings fear to the mind.  Can you see how this mindset brings fear…??


Fear of not being good enough to achieve what you want, fear of so-called “failure,” fear of being mocked by others for not achieving, fear of feeling inferior, and the fears go on and on.  And this brings mighty pressure on you, your mind is now on struggling mode and you are not really enjoying the moment because your mind is upon what you could win or lose in a future; this obviously brings suffering, this puts you in a bad and tense mood because you are playing to win and you cannot do less than winning–so you must be always on and reactive, guarded and ready to strike at any moment.  But what of the pressure…??  The pressure is not only psychological but now is felt all over your body, and your immune system gets compromised, your energy in time is less because to compete and have this intense thinking you must use great amounts of energy.

And perhaps thoughts of quitting pop up in your mind…??  Who knows.  But if you do quit you feel beaten down, like a loser, like you missed on some great opportunity which you will never have again.  Are you starting to get the image…??…  Of course, if you are going to go for what you want, go for it, you are here on earth for it; however, don’t do it out of following society and to be obedient to a pattern, to be like somebody else and have what they have–only idiots do this.  And you are not an idiot, are you…??  Or maybe you are.  Only you know that in the recesses of your own mind, so explore it and find out.  Take the trip in silence, connect to your higher self.  Don’t agree or disagree with me.  Who cares about being right?! 
The truth is the only thing which matters here, so wake up to it!  And understand that life is your playground, but you must meditate, inquire within and discover how to play; if you play, do it for yourself, not out of competition or to be like the rest, so you never quit, so you keep going and enjoying all you experience.


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