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State of no-mind.

Meditation can only exist when there is absolute stillness in the mind.  A still mind has no desires, no needs, no fears, no voices, no movement at all.  If a mind is keeping track of the time, or if it is thinking about the next thing to do after meditation is over, or if it is traveling to other places or accessing imagination, then this mind is not in meditation; hence why meditation is the practice of no-mind thinking, because your mind or ego is not moving thoughts–i.e., it is an absolutely free mind guided by The Infinite.  And the mind is divine, a way to ascension and higher communion with The Infinite; however, the ego, its absurd content, that drilling and loud voice telling you how to live, what to think, and what to do during waking hours, is not free.

You may think the ego gives you freedom, because it gives you choices influenced by the flawed society and by your own ignorant conditioning; but that is just one of the lies you tell yourself in order not to actually meditate.  Now, one thing to understand, even though most people deceive themselves, is that meditation is not the same as mindfulness.  Mindfulness is to be aware of the moment, of what you are doing; but it is another, more peaceful way to use the mind and its ego, to move thoughts and ideas around–i.e., mindfulness, as wonderful as it is, can never bring truth or illumination.

Truth and illumination exist beyond mind, so you seek them beyond mind; that is, in a state of no-mind, in a state of absolute freedom, where the ego cannot cross and guide you anymore–i.e., the state of meditation.  No books, no institutions, no prayers, no I.Q., no angels, can give you a higher state of awareness where you receive truth and freedom by intuition; but only serious meditation can do that.  The dormant strands of your DNA cannot be awakened and fired up by your conscious mind and its ego; but only by the divine and infinite energies residing in the wonderful state of no-mind.



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