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Following a purpose…

Planning ahead

Sometimes life can throw us things we don’t expect. Sometimes we make the wrong turn and we end up suffering the consequences. For that, I believe planning ahead, envisioning what you want, studying how things could go, is critical in terms of understanding the right choices to make.

And it is truly important to explore life, but to give your best and make the best choices you can. We all fumble, make mistakes, get too overwhelmed with something and distracted. And planning is taking the time to avoid distraction the best you can to achieve your goals.

Achieving your goals

It’s very important to have a guide in life, to have a great purpose, a great passion that fills your heart daily. When people lack goals, they don’t have vision. Vision of what you want specifically is paramount. I lived for many years of my adult life not really having a greater purpose.

I guess I was just working and surviving. That is, until I found my writing. Sharing with others. Creativity took shape and it filled my heart with greater purpose. I’m just reminding you that this is something we all need, and it all begins with planning and envisioning what you want in life.


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What is now…??

A new purpose

It could be scary starting something new. A new habit. A change in lifestyle. Starting again. Building yourself from difficult times. It can be truly overwhelming. But it can also be truly rewarding to know that we can do better, to give ourselves permission to try again, to leave the toughest moments behind and fill our hearts and minds with this new purpose in life.

We are what is now

And what is now..?? We are now. We were in the past, and that is gone. We will be in the future, and that is to be determined by our choices now. So we are what is now. That is why to triumph in life one must be brave, and this bravery is about loving your life now.

The greatest accomplishments are born from loving your life now, which is the capacity to start fresh and introduce changes into our lives to build a better tomorrow. There is no shame in making mistakes, or in having failed in the past, or in having fears to start something new. This is normal and healthy. Because we must learn from it, strengthen ourselves, and move to newer and better purposes that can make us feel great passion again.