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Creation of Destiny: Karmic consequences.

Imagine the following: 
Every time you raise your voice in anger, every time you gossip, lie, support any violence, or do any bad deed at all, a bee or wasp stings you and leaves you really hurt and feeling very sick.
You would do it once, twice, maybe thrice; however, soon you would come to understand that the bee or wasp stings you because you have done a bad thing, and so immediately you would change and stop doing bad deeds.  In this scenario, changing into a better and higher moral character, into a better person, would be easy; since you would be doing it to stop all stinging/all consequence/all pain from ever getting to you.  This is Karma.

Except, in real life, between the bad deed and the consequence (the sting) there is a longer period of time; so, people never actually see the relationship between their bad deeds and the suffering they encounter in life.  Ordinary people then live their lives being swung here to there by the activities of Karma (Cause and Effect Law), over and over again, stubbornly, blindly; such activities, and such suffering, which they themselves bring upon themselves.  But The Masters raise themselves above Cause and Effect, they find joy in the embrace of The Great Law of Life.

And who are The Masters…??:  The ones among us who can actually see the inner and invisible working of Karma, and the ones among us who can understand that doing anything which goes outside spiritual evolution and human moral character is to bring chaos and to feed negative Karma upon ourselves and upon others.  You already know what is going outside spiritual evolution and higher moral character, so I do not need to tell you; however, you may allow your ego and your excuses to defend your behaviors and your ignorance, but still, deep inside, you know what is right and what is not. 
But know that the whole purpose in life is that you evolve and ascend, so you change and do ALWAYS what is right in order to raise yourself above Karmic consequences.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Spiraling With No End.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~ Tony Robbins; American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach.

“You control your future, your destiny.  What you think about comes about.  By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands–your own.”  ~ Mark Victor Hansen; American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author.


I kept the repeating question encased in pure gold,
Foolishly I tried to make sense of it as it grew in me;
I felt alone, confused, running lost in the winter cold.
Where was I going…?? What was I to be…??

I heard the cry of sheep and the howl of wolf.
Hadn’t I walked too long…?? Didn’t I deserve more…??
The moon was whispering to me about love
While my wings were broken and I couldn’t soar.

But the whispers were astoundingly sweet in my ear,
And were magically transforming my broken heart;
They spoke about absolute creation without fear,
They spoke about commitment from the start.

The moon told me about her love for the sun,
About the true essence of love between them,
How in spite of the distance they were One,
How their destinies shone together like a gem.

I again heard the cry of sheep, the howl of wolf to be.
I had to choose my destiny and renounce all fear.
The whisper was clear, it answered the question in me:
I created my destiny with the essence of love most dear.


 Spiraling With No End
My days were rainy and sad as I walked onwards to destiny,
Around me minds were conditioned to follow and compare;
The nuisance of their words, the ignorance without empathy,
The money schemes, the greed and jealousy stare.
And there seemed to be no return, as this was life,
And my mind was agitated, pressures to meet expectation;
The doorway was cold, heartless, Spiraling With No End,
Was this my life…??  Was this the lesson…??
The neighbors would rush past my chaotic mornings,
My family would become silent to my treacherous indifference,
My mind was in heavy fog and I couldn’t see the warnings,
Blinded by the Spiraling With No End in illogical defiance;
Was this my destiny as I had become this petty human being…??
Was this what my heart was destined to be, closed and sad…??
But it takes inward communion for the truth to be seen,
I had to stop my thinking and rushing day for myself to be glad.
To be truly awakened to the truth of me and the lies of society,
I need not to be taken by the inhumanity of the popular crowd;
To wallow in madness was every damn day to fall in anxiety,
To be myself now is to love each moment I live, happy and proud.

You are the Creator of your own destiny, not the stars, not any philosophy, not other people.  Never allow anyone to tell you differently.



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