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In bed with fools.

To argue is to defend something, some belief, some part of you which feels insulted, which feels inferior, which feels perhaps wounded or hurt.  And when someone tries to poke at that wound or hurt, you react and poke or hit back.  Isn’t this reaction rooted on fear then…??  The photo below is funny but very appropriate and truthful. 

To argue is of the ego:  You hold a belief, a philosophy, you became attached to Buddha, to Jesus, to a religion, to a tradition, to any person in your life; and so, you become possessive and guard it/him/her with all your energy.   But why would you want to argue if you hold the truth…??  Why would you want to battle this and that, become violent if you hold the truth…??  Arguing is of the ego, very selfish, very ignorant, rooted on competition–a desire to win the argument, a desire to feel superior.  But communication through conversation is very different, because your only purpose is to spread or communicate the truth, an experience, a fact; which is rooted on love, such love is to share your thoughts, your feelings, to learn from one another.  And this conversation is not heated, there is no hate, there is no competition, there is no win or lose. 
So, if you hold the truth–which is not a belief, tradition, or attachment of any kind–then there is no cause for arguing.  Like above-mentioned, to argue is of fools, it is rooted on fear, on competition to see who wins.  And so, this is why it is so important to catch your own mental activity whenever your beliefs, your attachments to anyone or to anything, become attacked; so you can control your reactions and not be the fool, but be wise and allow yourself to let go of these beliefs and traditions–these attachments which are really the cause of you hurt and anger.  And you must ask yourself:  Who is in charge…??–my ego and attachments, or myself??  And, do I hold the truth…??–or do I hold irrational traditions, beliefs, and fantasy??  You have to be able to inquire deep within yourself, see what is really true–not right or wrong, not your opinions, not your beliefs or personal nonsense based on the influence of other people.
Only you can enlighten yourself by catching your own egoistical activity and changing your thinking patterns, to become free from attachment and fear.  There is no Enlightenment out there, nothing to seek out there; but it is all within…  It is all about mental peace; and so, when fools argue, there exists no mental peace in their minds, only agitation and competition…


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