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Balance & Harmony within

The beginning of experience

So, the most important thing in life, and the base or origin of everything we experience, is our well-being, our health of body and mind. We must reach harmony and balance within ourselves in order to reach love and happiness in our lives.

First and foremost then is what we eat, how we eat, and the times we eat. What I put in my body becomes the energy that makes me–regarding the way I think, the way I feel, the way I treat myself and others, the habits and the actions in all other aspects of my life.

Strengthen your immune system

Here are 2 things I follow daily to eat right and to stregthen my immune system. Perhaps you can find some use in these as well:

1- Limiting greatly your intake of sugars: Our bodies make Insulin. And insulin stimulates your liver and muscle cells to store glucose (sugar). It also inhibits your liver and kidneys from making glucose. Needless to say, insulin must be kept in harmony. If levels are too high then large amounts of fat are stored, bacteria festers, illnesses and allergies, etc. So, in order to balance glucose and keep it in harmony, you have to lower the ingestion of sugars.

2- Do not snack between meals: When we snack between meals, insulin levels rise, which means the balance and harmony in our physiology is broken. Losing weight and having a strong immune system is almost impossible, especially for most people age 30+. Besides, snacking between meals, contrary to popular belief, makes you more hungry and it does not leave your stomach time to clean itself.