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Habits of excellence.

We are our daily habits. This one is about the small activities which shape us.

Life is no more than a reflection of our daily habits. For example, if you eat unhealthy foods, you will at some point struggle with illnesses, suffer physical pains, and consequently lose positivity and energy in life in all aspect. Or if you choose to let people treat you the way they please, this habit will bring you self-doubt and it will keep your mind anxious and chained to the opinions of others. And how about always letting politics frustrate you and occupy a big chunk of your thoughts??

As human beings, we are biological machines. We are ruled and made by our habits, not a single choice in the moment; but we are what we do every day. For example, I like to exercise, meditate, be ordered and clean in my daily activities, even in the most little things like cleaning the apartment and editing my upcoming young adult fantasy novel daily, BENJAMIN JONES. Fiction characters.. Step by step, the small habits like washing my dishes as soon as I finish eating. These small habits make my character and guide me into making bigger habits stick.

To adopt better habits, these are some of my suggestions. If they work for me, they might as well work for you:

1- Whenever you feel low in energy, depressed, down for some reason, is the best and most critical time for you to push yourself into better habits. Procrastination becomes a habit of self-destruction if you let it poison you.

2- Stop watching TV, reading about politics, and spending your time doing things which won’t help towards your self-development. Instead, put your mind and heart into things which help you gain self-esteem, self-worth, knowledge to actually better your life. For example, strengthen your mind with scientific facts about nutrition and about the way to expand your knowledge into certain fields.

3- Start writing, whether a journal or whatever it is. Writing daily, pondering words to express something clearly on paper. This expands your mind and gives you liberation, because doing this daily serves the purpose of letting out your emotions. One of the greatest burdens of people is not to know how to express themselves with clarity, keeping things inside, frustrating themselves because they cannot truly make themselves be heard by others. The habit of writing, whatever it is, powers your mind so it can study your own emotions and make you feel more confident about yourself.

And please check out my following article and see if it resonates with you: Steering our lives.

To conclude, excellent habits are not born out of excellence. We all start from mediocrity or from messiness. Excellent habits are born step by step. First, with a mentality of seeking true success and self-improvement. Second, the courage to make your ego uncomfortable and step out of your comfort zone. Third, you improve your daily habits slowly but steadily; and you do it with a mind which envisions health and great success.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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