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BENJAMIN JONES. More fiction characters.

More characters from my novel. Each one adds to the great adventure!

So, in a past post or blog I shared a chapter called “Chat with a Necromancer,” which is a crucial one in my upcoming young adult, fantasy and mystery novel “BENJAMIN JONES – The Call of The Shaman.” And I also wrote a blog about the three main characters in the same series, titled “BENJAMIN JONES. Fiction characters.

Well, this blog post is about the rest of the characters of this magical story. Three more characters which are also very important and bring a touch of laughter, innocence, magic, cruelty, craziness and mystery to the story. This is a story which is emotional as it is mystical, because the aim here is not just to entertain but to expand the mind and learn about life and the journey we all have to take. This story is unique, but if I have to name the novels which inspired me to write it I would say: 1- Harry Potter. 2- The Alchemist. 3- The Chronicles of Narnia.

Shadow: Ben enters a magic swamp, and his own shadow comes to life because of it. Shadow has been trapped as an immobile and dull shadow for too long (12 years), so now he has become animate. He talks fast, manic, and he is very loyal to Ben. Also he can be a little irritating. But he brings a little magic and laughter wherever he goes. He will be a great ally and companion, full of secrets and magic, in Ben’s quest.

Gemlik: Ben meets Gemlik as he begins to discover his own magic and his curse. Gemlik is a ghoul, but he is different than the other ghouls. That is because Gemlik is a cursed god. He was one of the gods who came down from the heavens in mankind’s beginnings. And so, Gemlik has many powers and contacts in the necro world. He also desires to communicate with his family, who have gone to Heaven. Gemlik joins Ben’s quest as his friend. He is a naughty, yet loyal and comical ghoul.

Lord Furvusmortem: This is Ben’s nemesis. The Voldemort to Harry Potter. Lord Furvusmortem is ‘The Necromancer of The Four Winds.’ He was also there at the beginning of humanity. He was a learned of The Dark Magic Arts. He was cursed by his own hand. And now he has become a powerful necromancer who seeks to destroy Ben (Wolf boy). Why does he want to destroy him..?? You will have to find out for yourself when the novel comes out (very, very soon!). Just know that Lord Furvusmortem is an enigma, shrouded in mystery, and that he has unimaginable powers since he is The Lord of The Necro Dimension.

To conclude, this young adult, fantasy, mystery novel is full of adventure and profound questions. It will keep you wondering and following the action of the same. But, since I am also a nonfiction, spiritual, self-help author I have also written this story to inspire and bring some real insight in your own life; because my goal is to bring some light into your own struggle. I think all literature must leave a great message and guide you into some self-discovery of your own.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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