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Kundabuffer (tail of the fallen)

It is necessary to know that the Kundabuffer Organ is the negative development of the…

Kundabuffer: Kunda (Kundalini) – Buffer (buffer or block from).

Ancient traditions worldwide, and also ancient drawings on Egyptian walls, state that during the Lemurian epoch certain sacred individuals came to the Earth in a cosmic astro-ship.  These individuals were forming a very high sacred Commission which was entrusted with studying the evolving and devolving problems of the Earth and its humanity.  The Archangel Sakaki and the Principal Archphysicist and Universal-Common-Chemist Angel Looisos were the two main individuals from this holy divine Commission.  Long story short, a big percentage of humanity back then grew covered by a physical tail, similar to the tail of certain reptiles, as per their low vibration and lasciviousness (their chosen lifestyles).  Hence, the dwellers of the Earth carried on their lives with such appendages or projection of their spinal column (downwards projection reaching the “dimensional infernos” or lowest being/the abomination in man).

In later periods during the history of the centuries, when other sacred individuals considered that there was no longer need for the abominable Kundabuffer Organ to continue to exist, they eliminated it from the human body.  (Now, humanity as a whole is an organ from Nature.  This organ collects and assimilates cosmic energies which are necessary for the development of this planetary organism.  Disgracefully, to be a machine is not very pleasant, yet it is what the so-called “human being” is:  We are machines, plain and simple.)  Unfortunately then, the awful consequences of having had that Kundabuffer Organ remained in the “five cylinders” of the human machine–which are intellect, emotion, movement, animal instinct, and sexual energies.  These, uncontrolled, unguarded, without sacred knowledge, become demons or psychic entities/the “I” which bring suffering and personify our errors constituting the unbalanced ego/the infernos in man.

It is necessary to know that the Kundabuffer Organ is the negative development of the fire (the sacred spiritual kundalini force).  This is the descending serpent, which precipitates itself from the coccyx downwards, towards the atomic infernos of the human being (the uncontrolled and rebellious “body of desires” of the intellectual animal, the human being). 

And it does not matter if one believes the story mentioned as true or not; what matters is to recognize the symbolism here…  Once you realize symbolisms on anything you read, see, and experience in general, your inner vision open/your third eye begins to see by intuition…


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