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To be free.

In short, your mind must be free from…

When the question of freedom is propounded, in each mind there is incoherence, vagueness, and incongruity; in fact, in most cases you wouldn’t find ten people on the street who share the same understanding of what freedom really is.  Nobody really understands what it is, because people are followers, they think they seek reality but in fact they are disturbing reality by following others; thus for them wars are the gateway to freedom, competition is the key to enjoying life and get what they need, love always molds to their each individual concepts, the truth is always what brings them comfort and pleasure, loneliness is cured by bringing more people into their lives, and the stupidity goes on and on and on.  Wars.  Competition.  Different concepts and ways of love.
But how many flags, how much blood, and how many heroes have come to pass in the course of history whenever the question of freedom has been posed in life’s scenario…??  Adolescents long for freedom: It seems incredible that while having food, clothing, and shelter they should want to flee their homes in the pursuit of freedom.  And it is logical that a young girl wants freedom, longs to move away from home, to marry in order to escape from under the parental roof and lead a better life.  This is in part due to her right to be a mother.  Nevertheless, once married, she finds she is not free, and with resignation she must bear the shackles of slavery.  A worker, tired of so many regulations, wants to be free; but even if he achieves independence, he soon encounters the problem of continuing to be a slave to his own interests and concerns.  They all think they know freedom, because they seek freedom–and that is exact;y their downfall.

Truth is, as long as your consciousness remains in slavery to your ego, as long as you seek freedom out there in activities, you will not become free–not in a million years!  Consciousness must be rid from the egoistical mindset and its anxious content; your mind is your world, every thought, every feeling, every experience appears in your mind, and this mind dumps its content on your consciousness.  In short, your mind must be free from society, its concepts and beliefs, in order for your consciousness to see reality as it is and for its pure energy to elevate your mind’s thoughts.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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