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…awaken man, elevate the individual and forge the perfect gentleman…

Man must be ruled by his emotions instead of being wasted by his intellect.  But the man of the world is empty, angry at life and seeking more of this and more of that, thinking that intellect is what better rules himself and prospers the world; however, you look around you and you see all sorts of chaos and destruction happening–i. e., wars nation against nation, rape, murder, vain exploitation of all divine nature, poverty, famine, political divisions and misconducts which hurt peoples, etc.  Surely you understand who is guilty of this today, who really rules the world and started all this stupidity…??  Who rules the world by bullying and destroying love and emotional connection…??–Is it woman??–Is it man??

Who heads the mediocre churches and governments…??  Who is blind to the beauty and simplicity of the flower, or rigid to the tears or joy which a work of art can evoke in the heart/in the emotional body…??


There is a great seed of mediocrity stemming from the intellect in all of us, but it is greater so in the unawakened men of the world; and this seed is what drives men to commit all these crimes against all nature, for this seed is the unbalance of his own psyche, for this seed is his poor choice.  Man has an emotional body but he chooses to follow society and vanish his emotions from his own life, thus he believes he is driven by intelligence being guided by his intellect, yet he stands blind to the fact that it is his own intellect that which brings destruction and chaos to his relationships and life in general–and especially it is intellect who destroys him from the inside.  One cannot know oneself by mere intellect, but one must be in direct connection to one’s own emotional content.

Deep emotions awaken man, elevate the individual and forge the perfect gentleman.  Can you see this for yourself….??  So, when man is awakened he denies the dull power of his intellect, he places it as second place; for his emotions come first–for his emotions love, create, understand deeply, connect to all life.  Are you yet to awaken as a true man…??  Because rationalization and your mechanical views can take you only so far, but emotions can open all doors and link you to The Infinite.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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