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Success and happiness are about how you’ve grown as a person, discovering yourself beyond the world’s influence. Some people live their whole lives never making that journey of discovery. So, if you are discovering yourself in any way, you are…

“Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with.  In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”  – Richard Branson; English business magnate, investor and philanthropist.

Life as human beings have distorted it is not reality, it is a fake reality that societies nourish with the ignorant sense of pride which comes with billions of comatose people; thus, such people who hold materialistic values, which are not real values because they pass away like the wind blows on a cloudy day.  This is the sickness of society, the cancerous tumor that they cannot see or feel but that it is there spreading and poisoning slowly from the inside out; and they feel moody and go through changes, and complain about their lives and blame the world for every misery that their eyes see, ergo they are extremely unhappy and extremely attached to the concept of human happiness they create for themselves.
Then comes TV, movies, the media telling people what to believe and what happiness really is, when they themselves form part of the most egotistical section of our society.  People’s ego is powerful and it is an entity constructed out of your physical senses and what you allow your mind to experience on a daily basis; these experiences formed in your mind from the outside environment tend to influence your whole being, thus you create your own reality of what happiness really is for you based on what the populous displays.
Society is sick and going in the wrong direction.  Choose you own direction.


But, even though society’s nonsense and lack of wisdom, happiness is really an inside job and you won’t find it in people or things, events or relationships.  Of course, these things I’ve mentioned are important sources of pleasure and joy in our human lives, and this is something we should aim at getting if we feel inclined to it; however, whatever you encounter outside of yourself cannot bring eternal, constant bliss or happiness because it lacks self-love, as the word says, “Self”–it lives in you, you just have to embrace it and look beyond society’s influence.
Here are some signs you are happy already, even if you do not pay attention to these in your own daily living–for happiness is experienced in yourself based on where your attention goes:
  1. You are alive and healthy: Now, first you need to understand that by healthy I don’t mean perfect health, because we are all different physically and perfection is not something our bodies can ever attain. For example, I suffer from really strong allergies at times which make me really miserable; some other people might suffer differently, worse even. The point is that we can always find a moment in our lives to enjoy ourselves and experience life, because we are alive, and so if we focus on putting our attention on each moment we live we can choose to experience happiness.
  2. Someone loves you: Whether is your dog or another human being, this is a clear sign that you are valuable for someone, it is a clear sign that you matter and that you are a shining personality for someone. This is success because you succeed on sharing some part of you enough to attract another soul. “If you have people around whom you love and who love you back, you are successful.” ~ Liz Ryan; author.
  3. You have learned forgiveness: Forgiving is getting over anger and all fear, and anger and fear is what distances you from experiencing happiness in the first place; therefore, if you embraced the strength in you and allowed yourself to forgive, then you are successful and happy.
  4. You can be truly yourself: In this world is extremely rare and unique to be yourself, because of all the TV commercials and media telling people how to behave and think. If you have found a way to express your unique self and embrace who you are without fear of what others might think, then you are truly yourself and allowing your human spirit to soar. Being yourself has nothing to do with money or a career, but being yourself is expressing your talents and skills through arts, important conversations, meaningful connection with yourself and with others, time with yourself, etc.
  5. You have dreams and you follow them: Even if you think you are going nowhere, if you keep those dreams and goals alive in you and you still fight for them, then it means your human spirit is expressing itself and shining a light inside you, and this light is pure bliss if you pay full attention to it. Happiness is not measured by what you achieve in the outside environment, but it is measured by how you embrace and attend to your inner one.

Success and happiness are about how you’ve grown as a person, discovering yourself beyond the world’s influence.  Some people live their whole lives never making that journey of discovery.  So, if you are discovering yourself in any way, you are successful and happy already; but you need to pay full attention to that, not allow your attention to follow the world.

If you do this, then you will find the clear skies of eternal bliss.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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