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Opposite friends.

We must use wisdom for these big decisions, not just information or knowledge about the matter in question, but inner wisdom which is what our intuition and Infinite Intelligence can only give us.

The Mind-Heart Struggle.”

Quite often in our lives we must deal with pressure and decision-making processes, but this is not easy because we must juggle work life, family life, our-type-of-society life, deeply personal life as inner struggles, and many more aspects of our unique daily living which throw challenges at us.  So, many times we find ourselves pinned against a wall, sort of speak.

We must decide what to do in certain situations, but at the same time there is something nagging within us that we do not recognize; then it feels like a dark, heavy cloud, because we know in our minds a solution or a way to direct our decision, but there is also something else telling us something different or making us worried about the decision our minds have made. And thus sometimes wrong decisions can be made.  This is the Mind-Heart Struggle we all go through at some point in our lives, specially when big decisions have to be made.

We must use wisdom for these big decisions, not just information or knowledge about the matter in question, but inner wisdom which is what our intuition and Infinite Intelligence can only give us.  But you must understand that the wisdom in you, which comes from intuition and Infinite Intelligence like above-mentioned, does not cave or respond to pressure like your flawed conscious mind does, because the wisdom flowing in your subconscious follows only its own process. It’s own process being wise, being patience and time.

Sometimes we need to relax our anxious conscious minds and take some time to let the subconscious go through its own process.  It is like when great artists receive great, genius ideas for a masterpiece; genius comes, great ideas come to them after sleeping on a problem or allowing certain time to pass.

I understand that quite often this is not the way we do things, humans tend to rush important decisions, specially when there is passion or anger involved; but, however, from my own experience and studies of the subconscious, I know this is paramount when dealing with very important decisions in my life.

The Struggle within


Important decisions have to be made from a point of love–and by love I do not mean romantic love, but I mean honesty and love for the matter we are trying to resolve or decide.  One must be patient and let the mind and heart reach the same sensation or feeling within you, if they are opposites in this, then, you will probably end up with problems and suffering consequences.

Everything in our lives must be harmonious to be truly successful, and even though this is not easy there has to be coherence in the decisions we consider important in our lives.  The heart and the mind have been given to us not to be opposites and confuse us (we choose to confuse ourselves out of ignorance), but they have been given to us to guide us into the same direction.  Into bliss.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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