Poetry and prose from the heart.

The most important choice.


The most important choice still is yours to make,

To reach all great success and happiness in life,

Is not confined to your voice or to the action you take,

But it is in the magic beyond all strife.


Some choose good looks and some skills for sport,

Some choose vast wealth and some a sense of duty;

But I enjoy powerful imagination and all that sort,

You know me, all my being is about creating beauty.


Which one of those would you choose before birth…??

Good looks are fine but may increase your self-admiration.

Skills for sport are great but limited to this earth.

Vast wealth does not work for me, I want spiritual elevation.


See, I wanted all, so I fought like a lion before birth for this:

I fought for unlimited imagination because it is the greatest power,

Our very existence and the natural magic which creates all bliss,

The deep sea, the intensity of the skies, the blooming of the flower.  



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