Business mind.

The human miracle.

The human brain then acts as a receiving and also signaling antenna for energy patterns residing within the mind itself, which exist as consciousness conveyed in the physical form of thought. Thoughts are not created out of nothing and not only out of our own physical senses, but they are “dead” objects flowing in and out of this vast grid—such being a grid of in-formation and energy fields known to science as Attractors.

There  are  only  two  ways  to  live  your  life.  One  is  as  though nothing  is  a  miracle.  The  other  is  as  if  everything  is.” ~ Albert  Einstein;  German-American  physicist.

The following is an excerpt of a book I just started writing, titled, “Inner Wealth!  Outer Wealth!”


The  brain  and  the  mind,  of  course,  are  two  very  different  things,  working  in  tandem  but  very  different  from  each  other;  but,  as  it  were,  the  ego’s  deceit  makes  it  look  like  they  are  one  and  the  same  (the  ever-nagging  duality  of  the  truly  mental  energies  and  the  basic  physical  ones),  because  that  is  how  most  people  experiences  this  phenomenon  on  a  daily routine—the  brain  emits  thoughts  and  this  is  the  mind,  plain  and  simple  this  is  the  common  belief  of  the  average  person. 

Now,  to  find  out  the  reality  we  must  delve  deeper  into  that  which  is  mental  science,  so  one  must  come  to  understand  that  thought  is  simply  a  physical  tool,  that’s it,  a  “dead”  object  itself—like  things  emerging  or  being  thrown  at  us  to  be  used  to  navigate  and  make  choices  in  our  daily  living—which  is  completely  mechanical,  crass,  base,  and  which  creates  from  the  past  and  the  future  because  it  lives  indeed  in  the  past  and  the  future.  Like  we  have  seen  before  this  chapter,  thought  is  just  a  reflection  of  our  physical  senses  on  the  outside  environment,  obviously,  to  sense  our  way  in  this  material  universe;  and  this  is  why  thought  is  mechanical  and  base,  objective  and  dualistic  in  nature,  always  changing  and  obsessive  if  maintained  unruly,  for  the  mentioned  reason  that  it  acts  upon  what  the  physical  senses  receive  or  gather  from  the  outer  world,  the  ever-changing  environment,  and  so  thought  in  our  conscious  mind  is  an  entity  which  is  physical  itself  and  subject  to  all  change.

Having  established  that  premise,  for  thought  to  be  born  and  emerge  within  the  physical  brain,  via  electric  signals  and  chemicals,  there  has  to  be  “space”  for  it  to  flow  unencumbered,  a  space  in  which  it  can  gravitate  and  expand  if  it  shall  become  a  thought  we  may  choose  to  officiate,  perhaps  a  vast  grid  where  it  swims  and  it  flourishes  and  ferments  (a  field-stream  where  the  seed  or  thought  can  germinate  richly)  to  create  great  ideas  to  thus  move  our  life  forward,  to  innovate  our  unique  craft,  to  weave  inspirational  stories  from  the  past  and  mold  our  future,  and  to  finally  bestow  upon  life  schemes  of  love  or  hatred.

This  vast  grid  or  space  in  which  thought  can  emerge  and  manifest,  as  an  idea  that  grows  and  grows,  is  the  mighty  but  misused  human  mind;  so,  as  one  can  easily  tell  by  now,  thoughts  are  like  ripples  or  waves,  and  the  mind  is  like  the  ocean. 


The  human  brain  then  acts  as  a  receiving  and  also  signaling  antenna  for  energy  patterns  residing  within  the  mind  itself,  which  exist  as  consciousness  conveyed  in  the  physical  form  of  thought.  Thoughts  are  not  created  out  of  nothing  and  not  only  out  of  our  own  physical  senses,  but  they  are  “dead”  objects  flowing  in  and  out  of  this  vast  grid—such  being  a  grid  of  in-formation  and  energy  fields  known  to  science  as  Attractors.  Thoughts  are  then  constantly  flowing  when  the  conscious  mind  is  on  (when  one  is  awake)—i.e.,  your  thoughts,  my  thoughts,  everybody  else’s  thoughts  swimming  in  this  vast  grid  or  ocean—but  arranged  to  each  Attractor  or  energy  field—i.e.,  my  energy  field,  your  energy  field,  etc.  etc.

But,  however  personal  these  thoughts  flowing  to,  and  within,  each  Attractor  Field  are,  still,  people  quite  often  might  pick  up  the  thoughts  of   somebody  else  since,  like  above-mentioned,  the  brain  acts  as  a  receiving  and  signaling  antenna  and  this  antenna,  depending  on  how  powerful  it  is,  does  not  discriminate  among  different  signals  that  might  cross  the  individual  Attractor  Field.

Needless  to  say,  our  individual  brain  receives  the  thought,  molds  it  to  our  own physical  senses,  computes  the  new  information  gathered  and  creates  our  unique  perspective.

For  example,  a  great  artist  in  one  side  of  the  world  has  access  to  an  inspiring  idea,  in  the  form  of  raw  energy,  to  create  a  wonderful  masterpiece,  and  that  same  idea  is  also  available  to  be  picked  up  from  this  grid  by  the  brain  of  a  janitor  living  on  the  other  side  of  the  world;  however,  the  difference  here  is  that  the  physical  and  mechanical  brain  of  the  artist  has  been  conditioned  and  strengthened  for  years  in  creativity  and  innovation  through  self-discipline  (could  be  more  grey  matter  formed,  more  neural  connections  in  the  physical  brain,  etc.)  to  receive  this  grand  signal  he  will  turn  into  a  great  idea,  but  the  janitor’s  brain  is  not  prepared  to  receive  this  signal  (could  be  not  enough  knowledge  of  the  craft,  less  neural  connections,  polluted  brain  by  drugs  or  unhealthy  foods  or  poisons  of  any  kind,  etc.)  thus  he  will  not  access  this  mental  energy.

Of  course,  this  is  just  an  example  and  in  no  way  I  mean  to  say  that  a  janitor  couldn’t  achieve  great  accomplishments  as  the  artist;  even  so,  the  message  here  is  clear,  that  preparing  the  brain  through  self-discipline,  for  as  long  as  it  takes,  is  all  there  is  to  access  these  wonderful,  raw  energies  of  mental  origin. 

The  molding,  shaping,  and  managing  of  these  energies  create  genius  as  we  know  it  in  our  human  society.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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