Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Best.

  The Best


As the deep and powerful reds of the sunset at first light

And the incredible moonlight tucking the dozy wink,

It fills the essence of my cells and mind with such delight,

It becomes my best thoughts and intentions as I deeply think.


Beyond the deluded starlight and ill impersonations of others,

It remains rebellious and unique in my gaze pure and profound;

Beyond the narrow highway of provocation of my brothers,

It increases in brilliance and wisdom far passed the earthbound.


I just need to feel that I am alive and swimming in the very bliss,

For my soul and heart knows I am here to conquer the untamed creature.

Life is both the field of truth and the narrow path bordering the abyss,

It can be the darkest night or the lightest day and greatest teacher.


The sights and sounds of the very day can be the sharpest knife,

The dreams and visions of the night can rob me of healthy rest;

But that is the great purpose of living the challenging life,

To find the truth behind all the hurts to finally become the best.



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