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A visionary.

Fear brings anger, confusion, stress, anxiety, envy, and all forms of distortion of reality in the mind of man. And all this affects our characters, behaviors, ways of thinking, and it even limits our ideas and capacity for understanding.  The pessimist lives with this fear in his/her mind.

Of course, most of the time this fear lives in the pessimist unbeknownst to him, so he remains unaware that it is there controlling his thought, feel, and behavior; and that is exactly why the pessimist cannot see it in himself, so he thinks it is normal to live life like this.

The outcome of this is that the mind is so used to living in this sewage of fear and stress that it clouds conscience, the light in things, even reason at times; in this manner, the pessimist’s mind sees most of the darkness and the ugliness in things, he subconsciously seeks for the bad or difficult in situations, and he avoids change and moments which make him uncomfortable and bring a challenge to his way of thinking.

Obviously, one must always search for the light in things, the capacity in oneself to learn from a bad moment, the opportunity that is to be discovered in darkness, without any fear or anxiety, without labeling or judging a person or a situation ahead of time, and even remaining patient and contented when something happens which is not expected.

So you can become a person who brings power and confidence to your very life, and you develop your character with wisdom and love to see the positive on everything.  This is to be intelligent.




To be intelligent is to be brave. 

To be brave is to see past the chaos and the ugliness of things.

To be brave is to create a world of order and light in a world of disorder and darkness. 

And this is to be a visionary.



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