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Just a reflection…

“What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.” ~ Confucius.

Sunlight fell upon the wall; the wall received a borrowed splendor.  Why set your heart on a piece of earth, O simple one?  Seek out the source which shines forever.” ~ Rumi.

The world is a reflection of oneself, and that is the reason why people find misery or joy in life; and that is also why people create God and angels and Heaven and Hell–all these have the qualities, thoughts and feelings of expression of a human being.

This reflection is actually believed by the asleep masses to be real, but being just a reflection it carries the crooked and ignorant beliefs and life views of people; therefore, when the mind in question is filled with Bible or fantastical religious stories, when filled with egoistical views of saviors and helpers coming to rescue you, when you depend on mere reflections out in the world of form to feel happiness and love within you, then, it is not real, it is just your ego designing the illusion, it is not love or happiness but attachment and pleasure.


The seeking is pointless, it is like you searching the lit dot, the reflection of a beam of light from a flashlight on the white wall; thus, it is not the real thing, but everything, each little thing you seek is within you.  Out there there is only reflections of what your own mind carries, and these reflections look as real and heartfelt as the real thing, indeed because everything is your mind; so, everything you seek, everything you experience daily, everything you are day to day, everything you believe and see in the world is your mind and the polluted or healthy state of your mind.
You literally, and even scientifically, create and carry the world, Heaven and Hell, in your mind; so, when you seek the reflection of something in the world, your ego is deceiving you into believing that the reflection is real.

But to find what you seek, you must go to the source; and the source of the world and all that is in it, of the universe and its mysteries, is in you.  By knowing the source of the reflection, then you know by yourself is just a reflection.  By knowing the flashlight, then you know by yourself the lit dot on the wall is just a reflection.
When you know the reflection, you stop seeking.

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