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Pain and Joy of The Truest Love.

Gandhi and his wife had a deep relationship, so deep that he had started calling her ‘Mother.’  Wherever he went he would refer to his wife lovingly as mother, and she would take care of him more like a son because there is no greater and purer love than the love of a true mother.  This is the transformed love a woman who has had the divine experience of carrying in her womb a life for nine months only knows; and this love transcends our superficial concepts of “love.”

Love is not sexual, romantic, motherly, friendship, or any other concept your intellect may lead you to believe; but love is love, it just is, it heals, it creates, it nurtures with full compassion.  And it is the mother who can only understand this, not with her intellect which is filled with ego concepts and beliefs, but with her heart, purely and naturally as the divine bridge between creative consciousness and gross matter; for it is her great capacity to carry the child in her womb what makes each cell of her body attain and remain with this experience of truth.  And what is truth if not the deepest love without thought and words one may experience within oneself…??

A child leaving its mother’s womb is in great distress; it is like a tree being uprooted from the sacred soil.  It has been uprooted and now it yearns to go back, because it has been severed from the lifeline.  He does not feel One anymore, somehow he feels the pain of a dual thing separated in extreme violence.  The woman having carried this child feels this pain; she is the sacred soil and feels her pain and the tree’s pain as well–they were One, now they are two, and thus this separation causes the great pain.  Two individuals are then finite beings; hence their union cannot be infinite, cannot be forever.  And this is exactly the pain, the misery of all true love.  The mother knows about this great separation; thus, a mother’s love includes the greatest pain, the greatest joy, and it is the MOST powerful any being can ever experience.  When is true, it is purity…


Happy Mother’s Day if this falls on your day!



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