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The best way.

The world is what it is today, with its wars, with its greed, with its hateful people, with its unhappy people, with its unloving people, because most seek not to actually better themselves. They want others to do it. They want politicians to do it. They want Jesus to do it. They want Muhammad to do it. They get into relationships, get married, have kids, so they can do the transformation. What about themselves…?? Everybody keeps pointing fingers to the next person.

Parents are the initiators. They teach their kids with their words. “Son, don’t smoke and drink.” And yet they do it themselves. Kids grow up to be chain smokers and get in trouble because they become drunkards. Or there’s the kid that grows up struggling with weight problems in adulthood, his heart falters because of it, he suffers in and out of the hospital. Why…?? Because his parents didn’t care about health themselves, so with their immoral habits they taught their kid the same. And what about politics and attachment to this garbage…?? The same. Kids grow up arguing and disliking others belonging to another party or with different opinions, because in childhood their parents were really stubborn and mediocre as well.

What I’m saying here is that what really matters in life is not others, but yourself. You help others with your change, not with your words. Wake up. See the reality of it. Don’t keep denying it. If you actually bring change to yourself, you can then really help and heal others. What you think and how you feel doesn’t create reality. Your daily habits do. Saying that you love people is not actual change. Saying that you try to be healthy is not actual change. You either do it or not. Because it is all about self-development. It is all my life is. That is why I ascend. That is why I write the way I write. So, ask yourself about your daily habits. What do you need to change to give better example to your family, kids, spouse, friends, the world??


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