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Pouring words.

One of the greatest characteristics in human evolution, the force which built our societies around the world, is the development of language–Spanish, English, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, and the rest.  These forms of communication are paramount in the progress of each one of us as peoples, but because of this importance it is crucial also to put good intention and care in what we say; for this communication–either as thinking or as words to others–carries the power to unite us or to separate us.  Each word, each thought, either to ourselves or to others, is energy which attracts or repels, which builds or destroys, and which loves or hates.  This is where the ego lies.  The ego is mind, the content of our powerful minds appearing as thoughts, words and the translation into images of those words.
Human beings are the only ones who have this level of detailed language, this level of intellectual activity.  I am sure animals have their language and thus their own form of ego activity, so they can communicate in their own special ways; however, by observation and meditation one can see that animals’ minds do not have this level of ego we possess, their languages are simpler and this is why they have reached their level of evolution–which is also why they feel deeper than us, feel greater intuition, and sense what we as humans ignore, while not having all this mental ego activity as thick veil.  Always understand that our communication carries power, and that words can make someone fall in love with you or hate you, words can make you stronger or weaker, words can dictate a better future for you or a worse hell, words can express true feelings of love and devotion or they can spread gossip and lies.
And it is the great energy in words, in our daily communication, the one that carries the power; hence, these vibrations are ways to create–it is what makes us able to be creative geniuses in any aspect we choose, or it is what creates a life of misery and lack of creativity around us and within in us.  We may very well call it magic!  Because our communication, our words, thoughts, can create and express love, right…??  And what is true love if not magic…??  True love can make a man into a superior being.  True love can make a woman bloom like a flower and feel young her whole life.  True love can develop a child into an enlightened adult of greater and deeper understanding.  True love can give you freedom even if you are chained in a dungeon. 
True love is magic; the rest is just entertainment, fantasies created by the ego of man…  So communication can be magic if you know how to use it, so stay fully aware of how you use it each day, each moment you breathe…


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