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Machine’s cog.

And what does the machine produce…?? Why does it make you want to remain a cog under it…?? Is it…

What is it that drives you to wake up every morning and take on your day with a smile…??–is it your job and the promise of a paycheck, or is it your education and the promise of a better job with higher earning in a future, or is it your romantic partner and the affection you feel, or is it your kids…??  Do you feel you are actually awakening a little bit each day…??  Is your life fulfilling for you now…??  Are you rising in love (not “falling in love”) and happy with yourself and with whom you are now…??

Society, in all places of the earth, is a machine–a colossal machine with rules and a particular programing, and whoever deviates from this robotic programing is not considered “normal.”  Because in this programing the ordinary man is nothing but a cog in the huge human machine, you must observe others and do as they do, you must fill your mind with the machine’s knowledge and ways of working, you must not deviate and think for yourself, you must not question them and yourself–you must learn love, God, peace, freedom, relationship, personality, morals, from society/from the big machine which allows you to fit in as a poor cog in its popular industry.  The ordinary man and woman is driven by this, this is exciting and fulfilling for them–to be this cog, to follow and be popular as the rest of the cogs, to live under the ruling and mechanical production of this machine. 
And what does the machine produce…??  Why does it make you want to remain a cog under it…??  Is it love, happiness, a better way of life which is unique of your soul, better health, self-discovery, true freedom to be and think for yourself…??  No.  No one can feel truly alive in this situation.  Being alive is being and rising in love with yourself, knowing that your world/your love/your freedom/your absolute happiness is yourself.  So if you are awakening to many things, if you are becoming more connected to your feelings, if you are discovering slowly who you are and what really makes you happy; thus, you are not fitting in as a cog in the machine, just know that you are actually becoming alive, aware of your own ego as a mere cog…  And your path doesn’t end, because to be alive is to find yourself every single day; and that is why you get to live every day a new day, only if you feel alive and away from the monotony, only then you can get out from being a mere cog…
cog in the machine


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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