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Hidden messages. Can you see them…??

Whoever sees life beyond the facade and the superficiality is truly a god himself; for his vision and understanding surpasses…

What are life’s encoded messages to guide you through it…??  Why can’t most people see these and be guided to all prosperity…??  What is the very make up of life…??
Every event in life is ruled by law, no randomness or coincidences, and all is a process of beautiful discipline and perfect efficacy, just like the sweet and instinctual dance of two swans in love in a mating/courtship ritual.  And like in the romantic swan’s mating ritual, there are hidden messages and meanings, symbols displayed; so, life, the unseen, divine, and creative processes of life, displays symbols and messages, perhaps synchronicity types, to you and to whomever is ready to see them…  Life is highly conscious, is it not…??–Or perhaps you haven’t realized how conscious it is yet…

Man lives in duality, his mind is altered by ego and his physical senses, and so he is ruled by lower urges and consciousness; thus, this dimension of lower understanding cannot synchronize and tune in to the higher consciousness of life itself, so is like man becomes blind to the conscious processes of life.  Man is life but he cannot see himself, he cannot know himself because he only experiences the lower dimension of his own ego; thus, he misses the whole divinity and beauty dwelling under his own nose.  He does not see the heart of life, because he does not see his own heart.

Whoever sees life beyond the facade and the superficiality is truly a god himself; for his vision and understanding surpasses that of the common man, and his higher consciousness synchronizes and tunes into that higher consciousness of life.  Life consists of conscious energy to create events and encoded data or “in-formation” to guide or structure those same events; and this encoded data tunes in or links to your inner vision, or to your true knowledge of self, and this helps you see and realize synchronicity types and hidden symbols in your life.

To understand and realize this within yourself is to begin to see more, because life gives us symbols and messages, a map to find and walk our individual path, a compass to observe quietly into ourselves, and thus the way to all wisdom and prosperity to further your human experience here.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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