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Deeper roots…

For most of humanity, sadly, relationship is a give and take relation based on dependency, attachment, sometimes…

From The One Source all beings, all nature was created; and this is why we are all related to each other, and this is why The One Source became many and relationships were born.
Humankind’s true heart is relationship then, a deeper connection than what we see, because we are all connected by an invisible thread we may call love; however, this love, the very essence of it, has nothing to do with superficial concepts humans have designed. No, this love is the deepest connection, which goes beyond sex, beyond dating, beyond a marriage, beyond any friendship.


For most of humanity, sadly, relationship is a give and take relation based on dependency, attachment, sometimes obsession and even harmful addiction.  And many rush into these relationships because the man or woman looks physically attractive, or because there is great intellect, or a good economic stand, or good conversation; however, these traits, as alluring as they might be for you, are attached to time and space, which means flesh decay, the emotional roller coaster, and the various moods tied to different outer situations in life.

So, is this the essence of love or just something more superficial…??

Human love is a give and take–i.e., I love you if you care and love me back, I want a relationship if you look attractive enough and if you are intelligent enough, I will be with you if you are always nice to me and make me feel good, etc.  Humans have created concepts like friendship love, romantic love, sexual love, and the rest. 
This human love has or comes with judging, jealousy, hatred, etc.   This human love, even though people call it love, is really attachment–i.e., a superficial form of “love” the ego creates out of fear of being alone, fear of not being like the rest, fear of not keeping tradition, etc. etc. 


But the essence of divine love is pure, does not ask for anything, it is a deeper connection–I love because I love, in the process of loving I find happiness, and I do not depend on anything or anybody to feel loved and happy.‘  This love essence is pure, ABSOLUTE freedom, not ties to moods, characters, ways of the flesh, emotional roller coasters, aging, economical issues, papers of marriage, and the rest of the petty human condition in relationships.

Without judging, I really think one must inquire into this because, even though we are all human beings and forming these relationships, if we are to really love ourselves and another, love all beings and the whole Earth, then a deeper realization should be awakened in us. 
In order to form really deep connections one must look beyond matter, beyond these petty and superficial facades, and embrace the truth of it all, the truth of our Great One Source.


“For most of us, relationship with another is based on dependence, either economic or psychological.  This dependence creates fear, breeds in us possessiveness, results in friction, suspicion, frustration.”  ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti.

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