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The answer is inside the question.

But this search is not something reliable, because it brings out more questions and dilemmas. What is God…?? Where does he/she live…?? Where would I find him/her…?? How should a saint behave…?? How am I to…

“The majority is never right.  Never, I tell you!  That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can help rebelling against.  Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools?”  ~ Henrik Ibsen; Norwegian playwright, theater director, and poet.

In a world where every decision is made for us, where religious pressures and society’s demands are waiting in every corner–i.e., you have to be in a romantic relationship to feel loved, you must read the scriptures and pray in order to be a good person, you have to watch TV to be like the rest and be informed about the world, you ought to read books to fill your mind with knowledge so you are intelligent like others, you need this and that to become this and that, and the rest of the nonsense. 
But with all this confusion and demands going on, how can you look for truth and answers to actually better your life…??


The problem here is not doing all these things, but the problem is what these things do to the mind.  The human mind tends to obsess or fix over the things it does, the mind’s world is all these things it does, all these things it experiences; so whenever a problem arises it looks for answers or solutions in these routines–in books, in religions, in relationships, in work, etc. etc.

But this search is not something reliable, because it brings out more questions and dilemmas.  What is God…??  Where does he/she live…?? Where would I find him/her…??  How should a saint behave…??  How am I to behave to be morally conscious…??  How to balance public life and personal life…??  The mind then is in confusion, because whatever the answers found, there is always more opinions, more philosophies, more ideas, and so deeper question arise… and more… and more…

So, the answers are rarely found in the outer life, in the outward seeking; but the answer lies within you, because the one asking questions is thought, your obsessive thinking; and behind thought there is silence, self-awareness where no questions exist.  Questions are brought on by confusion, and behind your thoughts, in that precise and calm essence of being, is you, the answer of all the questions your ego can fabricate.

It is only in this very self-awareness where you find no confusion and no anxiety, because here there are no questions…

“Being an intellectual creates a lot of questions and no answers.” ~ Janis Joplin; American singer and songwriter.

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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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