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Internal revolution.

This means an internal revolution, and this means destruction of the old you to…

“We are the only beings on the planet who lead such rich internal lives that it’s not the events that should matter most to us, but rather, it’s how we interpret those events that will determine how we think about ourselves and how we will act in the future.” ~ Tony Robbins.

“One can not reflect in streaming water. Only those who know internal peace can give it to others.” ~ Lao Tzu.

To live life is not just to survive but to overcome and awaken to deeper truth, and to awaken to deeper truth one must question and meditate and not just blindly obey and follow.

Sadly, what most people in this world do is to obey and follow, perhaps without actually knowing it, choosing their own superficial ignorance and the ignorance of others. 

But the truth of life then, the answers to all the questions of your purpose, of what is right and wrong, of where you are going, of what death really is, etc. etc., are found in questioning yourself, not questioning the world but yourself.

Questioning yourself means meditating about your reactions, your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors; furthermore, it means analyzing carefully and truthfully all the beliefs you have, the ideas, the surroundings, the people influencing you. 

All that you come to realize then, if you do this, is that everything to develop yourself and your life to find truth, and thus live by the truth, is self-love, which is to respect yourself enough to change your thinking and behaving to embrace true happiness and be guided by wisdom and not by ego-centered activities.


This means an internal revolution, and this means destruction of the old you to create the new you.  It is to empty your mind and become free, because once this happens then your mind is not confused and suffering anymore but free to create itself and elevate itself.

And then, once your mind is free and full of self-love, you can help others by example.

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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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