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“Spirituality is not adopting more beliefs and assumptions but uncovering the best in you.” ~ Dr. Amit Ray; Indian author, philosopher, and spiritual master.

“YOU are your own guru. YOU are your own soul mate. YOU are powerful. Take the reigns and drive your carriage home to love.” ~ Amy Leigh Mercree; American author, spiritual guide, media personality, relationship counselor, and wellness coach.

Mental elevation means a mind free from all beliefs, collective ideas, prejudice, passionate ambitions, stubborn states; and from this, Illumination is born, from this emptiness the old is destroyed to build the new, mental mediocrity is now higher awareness into reality.

Reality is believed by the world to be what you can experience with the physical senses, by thinking and interacting with the same world; however, everything you see and experience with these physical senses springs or emerges from some conscious substance which is not experienced by the same physical senses, and this substance is prime, this substance is the reality which creates the illusion your human senses call reality.


What you see is not what is.  Love is not merely an attractive person with whom you can have a romance.  Peace is not merely the end of noise in your room. Wisdom is not merely something you achieve by reading lots of books and by living years and years on this earth. The air you breathe is not just oxygen like science says.

Understanding all these things and beyond helps you remember what is the prime of life.  Understanding all this is elevating yourself to a pure state of constant bliss which has no reason for being, where you wake up every single morning and you feel truly joyous about being alive and about being able to deal with your own ego while knowing that you are above it.

This is the Light Of The World, what The Bible calls The Second Coming of The Christ (and that mostly no one really understands), Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment.  \

Because this higher understanding is based upon your mind aligning with your heart, there is no more confusion or fear which can cripple you; then, you maximize self-love and you become a light unto the world, a light unto others.


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